What does A&PS mean in NASA

A&PS stands for Administration and Program Support. This term was created specifically for the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Directorate to discuss strategies on carrying out their duties. From logistics management to resource oversight, A&PS covers a wide variety of responsibilities that are essential in achieving success for the MSFC’s ground-breaking projects.


A&PS meaning in NASA in Governmental

A&PS mostly used in an acronym NASA in Category Governmental that means Administration and Program Support (MSFC Directorate)

Shorthand: A&PS,
Full Form: Administration and Program Support (MSFC Directorate)

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What type of service is provided by Administration and Program Support (MSFC Directorate)?

The Administration and Program Support (MSFC Directorate) provides services related to logistics, operations, safety, infrastructure, personnel management, information technology, budget and finance, as well as communications.

Does the MSFC Directorate have the capability to provide technical assistance?

Yes, the MSFC Directorate can offer support in the form of hardware maintenance, software upgrades or product deployment services.

What leadership roles are offered within the MSFC Directorate?

The MSFC Directorate offers various leadership positions such as team leads and senior managers. These positions are responsible for setting goals, coordinating teams and executing strategies on behalf of their departments.

How do I become a leader within the MSFC Directorate?

To become a leader within the MSFC Directorate you must first have at least five years of professional experience relevant to the position you are interested in. Additionally you must possess excellent communication skills and be able to lead by example.

What skill sets are necessary to succeed in a role within the MSFC Directorate?

Skills required to succeed in a role within the MSFC Directorate include but are not limited to problem solving abilities, attention to detail, organizational capabilities and an understanding of applicable regulations. Additionally candidates must be able to work well with teams from different backgrounds while adhering to company objectives.

Are there opportunities for career advancement in Administration and Program Support (MSFC Directorate)?

Yes, there are numerous opportunities for career growth and advancement in Administration and Program Support (MSFC Directorate). Professionals can choose from areas such as project management or special projects which offer different levels of responsibility associated with each level.

Final Words:
All in all, A&PS plays an important role in helping MSFC successfully carry out its mission of pioneering advances in space exploration technology. It ensures that logistics are managed appropriately while providing guidance on cost-effective strategies as well as properly managing resources between departments throughout the organization. By having an effective system such as A&PS implemented, those working on various projects at MSFC can focus their efforts towards success without sacrificing accuracy or wasting vital resources along the way.


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