What does A&RC mean in NASA

A&RC stands for Application and Resource Control, which is a term used in the government sector to refer to the policies and procedures put in place to regulate the use of applications and resources. It resides at the intersection between technology, security, privacy, regulatory compliance and user experience. A&RC plays an important role in ensuring the safe, secure, compliant and efficient use of various applications and resources across an organization's network or infrastructure.


A&RC meaning in NASA in Governmental

A&RC mostly used in an acronym NASA in Category Governmental that means Application and Resource Control

Shorthand: A&RC,
Full Form: Application and Resource Control

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A&RC is a set of processes and technologies designed to control how applications and resources are used within an organization. It ensures that policies are enforced consistently across all users, systems, networks and locations. It also helps ensure that sensitive data is protected against unauthorized access or misuse. A&RC provides granular control over who can access specific resources and how they can access them. This includes controls on who has access to sensitive data such as customer information or financial records, as well as audit logs to monitor changes made by users.


Organizations that implement A&RC see benefits from improved security posture due to increased access control measures; from standardized system configurations according to policy; from improved user experiences due to ease of access; from regulatory compliance due to increased data security; and from improved operational efficiency generated by centralized management capabilities. Organizations can rest assured that their applications are being used appropriately with minimal risk of unauthorized access or malicious activity taking place within their network environment.

Essential Questions and Answers on Application and Resource Control in "GOVERNMENTAL»NASA"

What is Application and Resource Control?

Application and Resource Control (ARC) is an enterprise-level security solution designed to protect physical, virtual, and cloud-based assets from malicious attacks. It applies control over the applications running on those systems and the resources they use.

How does Application and Resource Control work?

ARC works by continuously monitoring application activities to detect any malicious or unauthorized behavior. It can also enforce controls based on predefined policies that limit or prohibit activities such as data exfiltration or lateral movement.

What are the benefits of using Application and Resource Control?

Using Application and Resource Control provides a number of benefits, including advanced threat protection, increased visibility into corporate assets, reduced potential for risk exposure, automated policy enforcement, and improved compliance with regulatory requirements.

How do I get started with Application and Resource Control?

Getting started with Application and Resource Control involves creating accounts in the ARC dashboard, configuring settings for your organization’s use cases, setting up policies associated with users or groups of users, applying policies to individual systems or groups of systems (e.g., servers or containers).

What type of threats does Application and Resource Control protect against?

ARC helps protect against threats such as malware, ransomware attacks, data loss from insiders or outside attackers, unauthorized access to privileged accounts, exploitation of vulnerable systems through remote code execution (RCE), network scanning activity from external sources.

Does Application and Resource Control provide real-time alerts when threats are detected?

Yes it does! When a threat is detected by ARC's monitoring system it will generate an alert that can be viewed in the dashboard where administrators can take action if needed.

Final Words:
A&RC is an essential tool for any organization looking to increase its security posture while still providing end-users with easy access to their desired assets in a secure manner. By implementing A&RC, organizations can not only ensure regulatory compliance but also gain operational efficiencies while improving user experiences across different environments. As organizations strive towards digital transformation initiatives it becomes ever more important for them to have critical tools such as A&RC in place in order protect their data assets from external threats while allowing authorized users quick access when needed.


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