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AFP stands for United Capital Corporation (UCC), a large international banking and financial services organization that provides consumer, commercial, investment banking products and services to customers around the world. UCC is headquartered in New York City with over 34 branches worldwide. UCC provides various services such as wealth management products through its subsidiary Morgan Stanley, asset management, corporate lending, online trading platforms, insurance products and more.


AFP meaning in AMEX Symbols in Business

AFP mostly used in an acronym AMEX Symbols in Category Business that means United Capital Corporation

Shorthand: AFP,
Full Form: United Capital Corporation

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What does AFP Stand For?

AFP Meaning in Business:In business, AFP stands for United Capital Corporation (UCC). The company provides asset management solutions to global clients including high net worth individuals and corporations. UCC also offers alternative investments such as venture capital financing and private equity investments through its divisions Helexis Capital Management Group and Coronation Ventures Corporate Advisory Services. Additionally, UCC’s retail operations include a number of branded mutual funds as well as an extensive portfolio of equities and bonds available to investors worldwide.

Essential Questions and Answers on United Capital Corporation in "BUSINESS»AMEX"

What type of services does United Capital Corporation provide?

United Capital Corporation provides a variety of financial services to its clients, including investment management, wealth planning, retirement strategies, insurance advice and other financial consulting services.

How do I contact United Capital Corporation for assistance?

You can reach United Capital Corporation's customer service team via email or phone. Our customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm EST.

Can I meet with United Capital Corporation face-to-face?

Yes, you can schedule an appointment with a representative of United Capital Corporation to discuss your finances and investment goals. Appointments are typically held in our Dallas office location but we also offer virtual meetings when necessary.

Does United Capital Corporation offer free consultations?

Yes, we offer free initial consultations with our representatives where we will discuss your financial goals and develop a plan accordingly.

Does United Capital Corporation offer customized portfolio management solutions?

Absolutely! Our team of professional advisors will work closely with you to create an individualized portfolio tailored specifically for you and your goals.

How often do I need to review my investments with United Capital Corporation?

We recommend that our clients review their portfolios at least once every quarter or when significant changes occur in the stock market or economic landscape. Our advisors may contact you more frequently if they observe any potential red flags or require additional information from you in order to make informed decisions on your behalf.

Are there any additional fees associated with using United Capital Corporation’s services?

Yes, our team charges a rate of 1% annually for all of our services which is payable quarterly. Additional fees may apply depending on the type of service requested; however these will always be discussed before implementation.

Who oversees the investments made by United Capital Corporation on my behalf?

All investments made by our advisors are thoroughly researched and managed by highly qualified professionals who have decades of experience within the financial industry. Additionally, all accounts are regularly monitored for performance and safety by independent third party organizations such as FINRA and SIPC.

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