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American Quantum Cycles, Inc. (AFV) is an American company that manufactures quick-release and folding bicycles for leisure, touring and other activities. AFV was founded in 2007 and remains one of the leading brands in the cycling world.


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AFV mostly used in an acronym AMEX Symbols in Category Business that means American Quantum Cycles, Inc.

Shorthand: AFV,
Full Form: American Quantum Cycles, Inc.

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What kind of products does AFV manufacture?

AFV manufactures quick-release and folding bicycles for leisure, touring, and other activities.

When was AFV founded?

AFV was founded in 2007.

What types of customers purchase AFV products?

Customers of all ages who are looking for a quality bicycle purchase AFV products.

Are there any notable features of AFV bikes?

Yes, some notable features include lightweight frames, durable components, adjustable handlebars and saddles, excellent handling performance and smooth shifting components.

Where can I purchase an American Quantum Cycle bike?

You can purchase an American Quantum Cycle bike online or through select retailers worldwide.

Final Words:
For almost 14 years now, American Quantum Cycles has been providing riders with quality bikes at competitive prices. With their range of features and design options, they are well-suited to both experienced cyclists as well as those just starting out on two wheels.

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