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An abbreviation can be a very useful way to describe complex words, phrases, and terms in a more straightforward way. One of the most commonly used abbreviations is A. This abbreviation has many different meanings depending on the context it is used in. In GOVERNMENTAL contexts, A. stands for Atlantic Reporter.


A. meaning in Law & Legal in Governmental

A. mostly used in an acronym Law & Legal in Category Governmental that means Atlantic Reporter

Shorthand: A.,
Full Form: Atlantic Reporter

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Essential Questions and Answers on Atlantic Reporter in "GOVERNMENTAL»LAW"

What is the Atlantic Reporter?

The Atlantic Reporter is an authoritative U.S. regional reporter series published by West Publishing Company, also known as Thomson Reuters. This legal compilation contains decisions of appeals courts in the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont as well as the District of Columbia.

Is the Atlantic Reporter available online?

Yes! Access to hundreds of Atlantic Reporter volumes spanning from 1883 to date is available through two major online databases: WestlawNext and Lexis Advance.

How can I access the Atlantic Reporter on Westlaw?

To access the Atlantic Reporter on WestlawNext, simply search for a case or term using a general search bar. Additionally, you can go to "Sources" at the top menu bar and type "ATLR" in the search box to access all relevant material from this reporter series.

How can I find specific cases in the Atlantic Reporter?

You can use both WestlawNext and Lexis Advance to locate specific cases included in this reporter series. Feel free to use key words (e.g., plaintiff's name / defendant's name), parties involved, topic areas (e.g., tort law) or any other relevant information related to your case research.

What are some advantages of using the decisions documented in the Atlantic Reporter?

The decisions documented in this publication are compelling authority for judges and attorneys looking for applicable laws regarding appellate court opinions from these five northeastern states plus DC. Furthermore, it serves as an efficient reference tool since both electronic and print versions are readily accessible via online legal databases.

Where can I buy a subscription for printed versions of the Atlantic Reporter?

Print subscriptions can be purchased directly from Thomson Reuters store at https://store-mktg-bp4xlz1u7jvnq6ig8d3tft2f5s-innovate-ecommerce00westgroup330120profwebpublishingco-3yxi0sllu548qq0k9qric2b5laizj6xscaio31wzzocaww46y7hkr4c6killjsmyr9qoxhazvktwyvkps25afa7s40ru3ckuvuxge7lzsv32sbimnjzp1esy26oabc59nyees4594zj394cxbi28rdsfzyue81tblg87clupmc_brandpuavqlsnpow80ltivllekns2xdyypwaotniw98dik41dpf9ikkdcchphrtuc3mjp8b04ahtfne76rmhgzho91_productdetailpagegg56lovwmvyk95it443fqsokugkaisiuhufp96bbexhumupa6rlpvayeourbg64foqlctskdc50aoensdejs07lb88pwlcf6nlyrugrvtnn27xt243boan21mabn11pp14ablltpbgc74corumelaydquvcvm19udgrsih7ozsidodxfqvcolbtfeim72acsyykr1783433417227431

Final Words:
In conclusion, A., which stands for Atlantic Reporter when used in GOVERNMENTAL contexts is an invaluable tool within our legal system that assists lawyers and other professionals with researching cases quickly and efficiently from hundreds of thousands of primary sources compiled over time into different volumes depending on their jurisdiction or subject matter. With its detailed tables that make finding cases easier than ever before, the reporter provides users with an overview of judicial opinions without having read each one individually giving greater insight into past decisions swiftly and accurately making it one of the most popular resources when searching through state appellate court opinions today.


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