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A.2D stands for Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series. This is a nationally renowned collection of court opinions and other legal materials from courts all across the United States. The A.2D is the second edition of the Atlantic Reporter, which was first published in 1888 by West Publishing Co., a major publisher in legal publishing who has been providing comprehensive legal information to lawyers and law firms for over 130 years. It contains cases from appellate courts of last resort in various states as well as federal appeals courts like the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).


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A.2D mostly used in an acronym Law & Legal in Category Governmental that means Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series

Shorthand: A.2D,
Full Form: Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series

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A.2D Full Form

The full form for A.2D is Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series; this is an important source of precedent-based caselaw that enables lawyers and law students alike to access relevant judicial opinions regarding their respective cases or topics of interest. The A.2D includes decisions from all levels of judicial review from both federal appeals courts including SCOTUS and state appellate courts all throughout the US thus providing a comprehensive look at both historical caselaw as well as recent decisions pertinent to ongoing legal matters.

Essential Questions and Answers on Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series in "GOVERNMENTAL»LAW"

What is Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series?

Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series (A.2D) is the secondary series of the regional law reports published by West and its successor, Thomson Reuters. A.2D contains decisions from lower courts for the states within Region 2 (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut), and other jurisdictions that are represented in it such as Kentucky and Tennessee.

Where can I access Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series?

A.2D can be accessed online through a variety of resources including Westlaw Edge and Lexis Advance. Many libraries also carry print copies or offer access to them through their website.

How often is the Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series updated?

The A.2D is updated weekly with new opinions that have been issued from region two state courts since the last update was published.

Who publishes Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series?

The A.2D is currently published by Thomson Reuters/Westlaw after being originally published by West Publishing Company in 1896.

How does one cite an opinion from the Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series?

An opinion from A.2D should be cited using both a regional reporter abbreviation (in this case “A” for “Atlantic”) as well as the series designation (in this case “2d” or “2nd”). For example, an opinion from A.2d 565 would be cited as "Atl Rptr., 2d 565."

Is citing an opinion from the Atlantic Reporter, Second Series different than citing one from other Regions?

Yes - Since opinions from different regions are treated differently under various rules of statutory construction and precedential value within individual courts throughout the United States of America; it's important to always cite to both region and series when referencing an opinion from any regional reporter.

What types of cases are found in the Atlantic Reporter Second Series?

Cases found in A.2d include criminal cases on appeal such as those brought by state officers against private parties; admiralty matters; civil actions such as those arising out of contract disputes; family court matters; probate appeals; bankruptcy proceedings; appeals of administrative decisions;and judicial review challenges.

Are there any differences between opinions recorded in the 1st vs 2nd series of the reports?

The primary difference between opinions recorded in these two series is that opinions reported in A1st contain more detail than those reported by A2d which generally provide only summaries.

Does every opinion recorded in Atlantic Reporter Second Series set precedent?

No - While some states may recognize all opinions recorded in Regional reporters as setting precedent depending on their particular statutes or regulations governing citation rules not all opinions will bind future court decisions even within their own jurisdiction.

Final Words:
To sum it up, A.2D stands for Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series; this reporter provides an invaluable resource to attorneys and law students alike by compiling all reported cases from US appellate nears including SCOTUS into one unified collection of caselaw materials available online or via print copies of volumes found at most major libraries throughout the nation. It serves as a great reference tool for researching older cases while also capturing more recent judicial opinions issued by our nation’s highest authorities on constitutional law thus providing context on how precedents are applied today.


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