What does A.D. mean in RELIGION

A.D. is an abbreviation for the Latin term anno Domini, which translated to English means 'in the year of the Lord'. A.D. is used worldwide to represent dates after the birth of Jesus Christ in approximately 1 A.D., or Anno Domini.


A.D. meaning in Religion in Community

A.D. mostly used in an acronym Religion in Category Community that means Christian era (anno Domini [Lat.])

Shorthand: A.D.,
Full Form: Christian era (anno Domini [Lat.])

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What does A.D. mean?

A.D stands for anno domini and is Latin for ‘in the year of our Lord', referring to years after the birth of Jesus Christ.

How many years have passed since 1 A.D.?

As of 2021, 2,021 years have passed since 1 A.D..

Is B.C still used alongside A.D.?

Yes, B.C., which stands for "before Christ," is still commonly used alongside A.D.. Together they create a complete timeline for events which occurred before or after Jesus Christ's birth in approximately 1 A. D..

Does every culture use A.D.?

Not all cultures use the Anno Domini system - some prefer other systems such as astronomers who prefer to use numbers in terms of light-years from Earth or cultures outside of western religions who follow another calendar based on different cycles and regional customs rather than Christian beliefs and doctrine.

When did people start using ‘in the year of our Lord'?

The term ‘anno Domini' was first introduced by Dionysius Exiguus in conjunction with his computus (calculating) of when Easter should be celebrated around 527 AD.

Final Words:
In conclusion, "Anno Domini" originated over 1500 years ago and has since been used to represent years that have occurred following Jesus Christ's birth in approximately 1 AD all around the world - creating a common timeline we can universally reference when discussing historic events within Christianity and beyond.


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