Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, more commonly referred to as the A.F.& A.M., is a fraternal organization that has been part of global culture for hundreds of years. The core values of this organization are grounded in principles of brotherhood, fellowship, charity and morality, with a special focus on self-improvement and personal growth for its members. Many of the world's most influential figures have been adherents to this age-old tradition, from statesmen and teachers to humanitarian organizations, entrepreneurs and scholars alike

A.F.& A.M.

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A.F.& A.M. mostly used in an acronym Non-Profit Organizations in Category Community that means Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

Shorthand: A.F.& A.M.,
Full Form: Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

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What is the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons?

The Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (A.F.& A.M.) is a fraternal organization that promotes personal growth, moral character, spiritual development, individual responsibility, and community service.

How long has the A.F.& A.M. existed?

The A.F.& A.M., as an international fraternity, dates back to the 1700s but its roots can be traced much further back to antiquity in the legacy of stonemasonry guilds from Europe to the Middle East and beyond.

Who are eligible to become a part of the A.F.& A.M.?

To become part of this ancient brotherhood, men need to be over 18 years old, of good character, belief in a Supreme Being or Creator, and sponsored by another member who will vouch for them.

What benefits are provided by being a Freemason?

Members benefit from the companionable fellowship afforded by like-minded members around various events such as lectures on Masonic history and morals; parades; days out; luncheons; barbecues; educational talks and sports days among many more opportunities.

Are there any special requirements that I must meet before I can become a member?

In addition to meeting basic eligibility criteria mentioned above, local Lodges may have additional requirements - generally speaking you must also undergo an interview with Lodge members for approval before you can proceed with joining the Fraternity.

How does membership progress within the lodge?

Most Lodges practice a three step system which involves Obligation (a ritual oath) followed by Instruction (learning about masonry) then Examination (testing knowledge). Once each stage has been completed satisfactorily a candidate will progress through membership levels culminating in becoming Worshipful Master of his own lodge at some point in his career.

How much does it cost to join/maintain membership of A.F. &. A.M?

Joining fees vary between lodges so please enquire directly with your preferred lodge regarding entry cost associated with their specific lodge however annual fees are usually charged which typically cover insurance premiums and hall hire etc.


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