What does A.I. mean in LATIN

A.I., or ad interim, is an expression used to describe an action or situation which has been established in the meantime before a more permanent solution can be put into place. It literally translated means "in the meantime". A.I. is commonly used in international contexts, such as diplomacy and legal proceedings, wherein it denotes a transitory state that will ultimately be replaced with something more permanent.


A.I. meaning in Latin in International

A.I. mostly used in an acronym Latin in Category International that means Ad Interim (in the meantime)

Shorthand: A.I.,
Full Form: Ad Interim (in the meantime)

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What is A.I.?

A.I. stands for Ad Interim which is Latin for "in the meantime". It is typically used to refer to a temporary solution or fix until an official, more permanent solution can be implemented

Final Words:
A.I., or ad interim, is an invaluable expression used across many different international contexts ranging from diplomacy to legal proceedings and beyond. It simply translates as “in the meantime” which makes it perfect for establishing transitory states that may eventually give way for something more permanent down the line when needed.


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