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AAHA stands for Appleton Area Hockey Association, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high-quality hockey instruction and playing opportunities to players of all ages. It’s based in Appleton, Wisconsin and seeks to provide competitive play while teaching the fundamentals of the game in an enjoyable atmosphere. AAHA was founded in 1978 and is one of the largest youth hockey associations in the state with over 700 members currently involved in teams competing at different levels. AAHA offers playing opportunities for players from Mites through high school and its mission is to foster physical, mental, and emotional development through organized hockey competition while promoting lifelong respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership among our players.


AAHA meaning in Hockey in Sports

AAHA mostly used in an acronym Hockey in Category Sports that means Appleton Area Hockey Association

Shorthand: AAHA,
Full Form: Appleton Area Hockey Association

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AAHA Meaning

The Appleton Area Hockey Association offers recreational teams as well as competitive ones that focus on improving skills and having fun. It runs a variety of tournaments throughout the year for all levels of play from beginner to varsity. Players have access to different classes held by experienced coaches with years of experience playing or coaching at higher levels. AAHA also provides off-ice activities such as summer camps for younger children or adult leagues that offer an after-work environment for some friendly competition. The association has grown steadily since it began in 1978 with more than 700 members currently taking part in a range of hockey activities each year.

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What age groups does the Appleton Area Hockey Association cover?

The Appleton Area Hockey Association offers programs for youth from a variety of age groups. We have competitive and recreational teams for kids from ages 4-18.

When and where do I register my child for AAHA?

Registration is available online in the fall prior to the start of each season. If you would like more information about registration, please visit our website or contact us directly.

How do I select an AAHA team for my child?

After registering your child, we will assess their skillset and invite them to tryout with the appropriate team. If your child is new to hockey, they may be placed in a recreational program or lower level competitve team first.

Is equipment necessary for participation in AAHA?

Yes! All participants should be equipped with full hockey gear including helmet, skates, shin pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads and stick prior to joining practices or games. Our association does not provide equipment; we are happy to recommend retail partners that can help equip your athlete.

Is there an option to rent equipment?

Yes! Most local sporting goods stores provide rental options if you're in need of gear while trying out different sizes/brands. As always, double check with your retailer before investing large sums of money on gear that may not fit correctly or break down quickly.

Are volunteers needed within AAHA?

Absolutely! Volunteers play an important role within our active association; we need coaches on the ice as well as board members who take care of administration tasks and promote growth within the hockey community. All coaches must complete safety certifications before getting on the ice with our players - contact us to learn more!

Final Words:
AAHA represents an ideal place for any young person wanting to learn hockey or develop their skills further - no matter their skill level, age or ability there are always various options available with experienced coaches on hand who can help teach the technical side of the game! As well as this there are a plethora of other social activities connected with the association such as summer camps and adult leagues that anyone can take advantage of - it really is an inclusive organisation that looks out for all its players’ best interests!


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