What does A.M. mean in AUSTRALIAN

A.M. is a post-nominal abbreviation used to indicate a Member of the Order of Australia, a national honor and civil decoration in Australia. The Order was established in 1975 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the advice of the Australian government and it is intended to recognize Australian citizens and other persons for outstanding achievement or meritorious service.


A.M. meaning in Australian in Regional

A.M. mostly used in an acronym Australian in Category Regional that means Member of the Order of Australia

Shorthand: A.M.,
Full Form: Member of the Order of Australia

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A.M. meaning in REGIONAL

A.M., which stands for "Member of The Order of Australia", is an honor that can be awarded to an individual for their exceptional achievements and contributions to society, culture, and economic development within our nation. The commendation acknowledges not just career accomplishments but also recognizes individuals who have given back to their community through selfless acts or initiatives either locally or internationally. Individuals awarded with this honor are granted recognition amongst their peers, family, friends, and community members as having been acknowledged for their valor and dedication towards making our country great.

A.M.'s full form

A.M.'s full form is “Member of The Order of Australia”, an award bestowed by Queen Elizabeth II on behalf of the government of Australia to individuals who have exemplified excellence in various fields such as social work, business, academia, medicine, fine arts, athletics or any other profession or field considered benefiting the greater good of the nation. It is meant to recognize both outstanding achievement as well as meritorious service rendered by citizens or non-citizens alike under the jurisdiction of Australian law!

Essential Questions and Answers on Member of the Order of Australia in "REGIONAL»AUSTRALIAN"

What is an M.O.A.?

M.O.A stands for Member of the Order of Australia, which is an honorific title awarded by the Australian Government to recognize outstanding achievements and service in a variety of fields such as community work, art, science or sport.

Who can be recognized as an M.O.A.?

Any Australian citizen may be considered eligible to be recognized as a Member of the Order of Australia for meritorious service whereby their accomplishments were outstanding and extreme in their field or area of expertise.

How does one become an M.O.A.?

Nomination is made by either members of the public or colleagues within various professions, depending on the individual’s field of activity and recognition takes place during Australia Day every year on 26 January.

Are there different levels within the Order?

Yes, four levels are recognized within the Order that recognizes and honors achievement at differing levels including Officer (Level 3), Member (Level 2), Associate (Level 1) or Medal (Level 0).

What is Level 0?

Level 0 denotes Medal and it recognizes distinguished service demonstrated by acts above those expected under normal duty expectations – consistently over a period not less than three years but not normally exceeding ten years – with no further distinction made between any awardees at this level.

What should I expect if I am awarded with an M.O.A.?

Receiving an award from the Order grants recognition from both their peers and government as being part of a select group who have exhibit exceptional performance in any field chosen to be acknowledged with awards from MOFA[1]. Additionally, awardees may receive an invitation to attend a national investiture ceremony held each year in Canberra hosted by Governor-General of Australia at Government House[2].

Do all members receive a badge?

All Officers and Members are granted The Badge of the Order when they receive their award during the investiture ceremony which consists featuring eight points meeting around its circumference symbolizing unity and achievement for all Australian citizens[3].

Is there anything else associated with becoming a MOFA member?

Yes, aside from being presented with The Badge recipients will also receive insignia ribbon made out silk which can be affixed onto clothing or worn independently that represents their membership within the order[4].

Final Words:
The A.M title offers recognition from memberships among peers and circles whose contribution towards society has been deemed valuable through infrastructural changes at both local and international levels made by them personally or collaboratively with others in similar fields and endeavors; indeed it is an honorable distinction seldom granted!


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