What does A/B mean in PHYSIOLOGY

The abbreviation A/B stands for Acid/Base ratio. This term is used to describe the concentrations of acid and base in a given solution. The acid/base ratio is an important factor in determining the pH of a solution.


A/B meaning in Physiology in Medical

A/B mostly used in an acronym Physiology in Category Medical that means Acid/Base ratio

Shorthand: A/B,
Full Form: Acid/Base ratio

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How is the acid/base ratio used?

The acid/base ratio is used to determine the pH level of a solution, as different ratios of acid and base will result in different pH levels.

What does an acidic solution mean?

An acidic solution means that the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution are greater than that of hydroxide ions. This will give the solution a pH level lower than 7 on the PH scale.

What does a basic or alkaline solution mean?

A basic or alkaline solution means that the concentration of hydroxide ions are higher than that of hydrogen ions. This will give the solution a pH level greater than 7 on the PH scale.

How is an acidic or basic value calculated?

An acidic or basic value can be calculated using either a titration technique or through calculation using molarity (number of moles divided by volume).

How do I measure my acid/base ratio?

The acid/base ratio can be measured using either litmus paper, universal indicator strips, a pH meter or other laboratory equipment such as an electrometric titrator.

Final Words:
As demonstrated above, A/B stands for Acid/Base ratio and it is an important measurement when determining the pH level of a substance. The acid and base concentrations together comprise this essential measurement which must be known when dealing with any type of chemical compound or reaction.


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