What does A/C mean in MANUFACTURING

A/C stands for AirCraft. An aircraft is a powered, and typically heavier-than-air, machine that is propelled through the air by the reaction of thrust to the air. Airplanes are used for business, military, and recreational purposes. Aircraft can range from very small private planes to large commercial jets.


A/C meaning in Manufacturing in Miscellaneous

A/C mostly used in an acronym Manufacturing in Category Miscellaneous that means AirCraft

Shorthand: A/C,
Full Form: AirCraft

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What are aircraft used for?

Aircraft can be used for various purposes such as business, military, or recreational use.

What types of aircraft exist?

Types of aircraft include single-engine airplanes, helicopters, jet fighters, and commercial airliners.

How are aircraft powered?

Aircraft are usually powered by an internal combustion engine such as a jet engine or a propeller driven engine.

How fast do aircraft travel?

The speed of an aircraft depends on its size and propulsion system; smaller private planes may travel at speeds around 200 miles per hour while larger commercial jets may reach speeds upwards of 500 miles per hour.

How high can aircraft fly?

Some small private planes can fly up to 25,000 feet in altitude while some large commercial jets can reach altitudes close to 50,000 feet.

Final Words:
The abbreviation A/C stands for AirCraft which refers to any powered vehicle capable of flight though the air by reaction thrust from an engine or other power source. Aircraft range in size from small single-engine planes to large modern commercial jets for business or leisure travel purposes and come in many shapes and forms dependent upon their purpose and manufacturer.

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