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A/C stands for Acceptance Criteria, which are pre-defined requirements that must be met in order for a project to be accepted as complete. This is an important concept in software development and other types of project management. It ensures that all projects meet specific standards or expectations before they are accepted.


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A/C mostly used in an acronym Software in Category Computing that means Acceptance Criteria

Shorthand: A/C,
Full Form: Acceptance Criteria

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What is acceptance criteria?

Acceptance criteria are pre-defined requirements that must be met in order for a project to be accepted as complete.

How does acceptance criteria help to ensure success?

By providing a set of objectives and standards that the project must meet, it helps to ensure that the end product will result in a successful outcome and mitigate against potential issues at later stages of the project lifecycle.

Who is responsible for defining acceptance criteria?

Generally, it is the stakeholders or customers who define the criteria on which projects will be evaluated before acceptance. However, developers also need to take responsibility for understanding these criteria and ensuring their projects meet them.

Are there any common elements of acceptance criteria?

Yes, there are some key elements which tend to appear in most forms of acceptance criteria including clarity, testability, measurability and traceability.

How can I use acceptance criteria effectively?

Make sure you clearly define each criterion during your planning phase so everyone involved with the project understands what needs to be achieved by the end result. It's also important to establish measurable techniques such as tests, surveys and inspections so you can objectively evaluate whether your product meets each criterion.

Final Words:
Acceptance Criteria are essential components when it comes to managing a successful project or software development initiative. Knowing how to use these criteria effectively can help teams ensure their products meet customer expectations while avoiding potential issues in later stages of production.

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