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A/D is an abbreviation that stands for Aerodrome. An aerodrome is an area of land or water designated for the take-off, landing and surface operations of aircrafts such as airplanes, helicopters and gliders. This term has been around since the early 20th century when airports began to be established all over the world. An aerodrome can also refer to a small airfield typically located in rural areas where general aviation activities are permitted. A/D can also mean many other things in different contexts, including audio/digital recording devices and an abbreviation used by some computer programming languages to denote an action or decision (such as "if A/D").


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A/D mostly used in an acronym Aircraft & Aviation in Category Miscellaneous that means AeroDrome

Shorthand: A/D,
Full Form: AeroDrome

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In the context of air travel, A/D refers to an aerodrome which is defined as any area of land or water designated for use by aircrafts either on land or at sea. Such areas typically contain build facilities such as hangars and control towers, landing strips and aprons along with other necessary luxury amenities like hotels or restaurants near airports that cater business travelers passing through. They may also feature refueling stations, airstrips for maintenance purposes which are often accompanied by permanent buildings for accommodating staff and passengers alike.

Full Form

The full form of the abbreviation A/D is Aerodrome which refers to areas designated specifically for use by aircrafts such as airplanes, helicopters,gliders etc both on land or at sea level. These areas typically contain build-in facilities such as control towers, hangars, runways, aprons (landing floors) along with other necessary amenities like hotels and restaurants near airports catering business travelers passing through. They may also feature fueling stations and airstrips for maintenance purposes which are often accompanied by permanent buildings for accommodating staff & passengers alike.

Essential Questions and Answers on AeroDrome in "MISCELLANEOUS»AIRCRAFT"

What is an aerodrome?

An aerodrome is a location from which aircraft operations take off and land. This includes any structure such as runways, aprons, taxiways, and helipads used within the operations of the aircraft.

What’s the difference between an airport and an aerodrome?

The primary difference between an airport and an aerodrome is size; airports tend to be much larger than aerodromes in terms of area, number of passengers, facilities offered,etc. Airports will also often provide additional services such as cargo handling or aircraft maintenance services not available at an aerodrome.

Who owns most aerodromes?

Most aerodromes are owned and operated by either local government (municipal) authorities or private businesses/organisations.

Are there different categories of aerodromes?

Yes, there are four main categories of aerodromes - Publicly Owned Aerodromes (POAs), Certified Aerodromes (CAs), Registered Aerodromes (RAs) and Uncertified Private Aerodromes (UPAs).

What is involved in operating an aerodrome?

In order to operate an aerodrome, operators must meet certain safety requirements set out by national civil aviation authorities. These include providing suitable infrastructure for runway access, security measures for maintaining safety on the premises and personnel with specialized training to manage air traffic movements.

Is special equipment needed to operate an aerodrome?

Yes - depending on its size and purpose, a variety of specialised equipment may need to be installed or maintained at an aerodrome to ensure safe operation. This could include ground navigation aids such as windsocks or radio navigation systems, runway lighting systems or precision approach guidance systems like ILS (Instrument Landing Systems).

What type of aircraft are allowed to use a particular aerodrome?

Aircraft authorised by national regulation can use any type of registered or certified public-use aerdome for takeoff or landing purposes; however some restrictions may apply at some locations due to local rules regarding noise levels etc – it’s advisable to check with local regulations before departing for any destination.

Is it possible to get permission for a private aircraft to land at a publicly owned/certified/registered Aerdome?

Generally yes - if the operator requesting permission can demonstrate that they have all the necessary qualifications required of the relevant authority (this might include pilot credentials if required), then authorization can usually be granted subject to certain conditions being met. Again, it’s best to check with local regulations prior to seeking permission.

Are standard operating procedures in place for all types of Aerdromes?

Yes - every aviation authority has set out standard operating procedures which must be adhered to in order ensure safe operations at all times; these should be consulted when operating at any type of Aerdrome facility as non-compliance could lead fines or prosecution.

Are there limits on how close aircraft can fly over Aerdomes?

There are definite limits on how close non-participating aircraft can fly over active Aerdrones; these limits vary depending on whether you’re flying over public-use international airports, military airfields or general aviation fields etc – so again it’s best practice always refer back your national aviation regulations before proceeding with any flight plan that could put you in breach of minimum safety standards.

Final Words:
As evident from this article above, A/D stands for Aerodrome which refers to areas designated specifically for use by aircrafts such as airplanes,helicopters,gliders etc both on land or at sea level containing build-in facilities such as control towers & hangars,runways along with other necessary necessities like hotels & restaurants near airports catering business travelers passing through. So whenever you see A/D in a text it most likely means ‘aerodrome’ unless specified otherwise within the context it was used in.

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