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A/D stands for Active Duty in the governmental context. It is used to refer to the members of the military who are currently on extended assignment and serving full-time. This includes regular service members, reservists, and National Guard personnel. It does not include those who serve as part-time or reserve forces, nor civilian contractors. The term "active duty" is usually associated with military personnel, but it isn't exclusive to them. Civilian employees of certain government agencies can also be serving active duty status under certain circumstances.


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A/D mostly used in an acronym Military in Category Governmental that means active duty

Shorthand: A/D,
Full Form: active duty

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Active Duty (A/D) is a designation that refers to any member of the armed services who is currently assigned for an extended period of time into a unit that is actively engaging in combat operations or supporting combat operations away from their home station. This includes reservists, National Guard personnel, and regular service members who are not assigned as part-time or reserve forces. Civilian contractors may also be considered active-duty if they are employed by a specific government agency for an extended period of time.


Serving on active duty has numerous benefits for individuals and families alike. Active duty personnel receive a generous salary, medical benefits, educational assistance programs, housing allowances or subsidised rent payments, and many other privileges which can ease the financial burden on military families. In addition to financial benefits, active duty members often gain valuable experience and skills which will help them navigate their post-military career after their service commitment has been fulfilled.

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What is Active Duty?

Active duty is full-time service in the military. It is the term used for personnel who are on-duty and ready to serve. Those on active duty have made a commitment to serve and protect their country, and are expected to follow orders at any time.

How long is an Active Duty contract?

Active duty contracts can vary in length depending on the branch of service. Generally, active duty enlistment contracts are for four years, although some branches offer two or six year contracts. Officer contracts will also vary in length.

Who can enlist for active duty?

In order to be eligible to enlist for active duty, a person must meet certain criteria such as age, education level, physical fitness, nationality and criminal background checks.

What are the benefits for those serving on active duty?

Serving on active duty provides many benefits beyond wages including housing allowances, medical coverage, educational assistance and veteran’s benefits upon retirement or discharge from service.

Can someone leave active duty before their contract ends?

In some cases it may be possible to separate from active duty before the end of an enlistment contract but this typically requires approval from superiors based on individual circumstances such as medical issues or family matters that require attention.

Can Reserve members serve on active duty?

Yes, Reserve members can transition from inactive reserves to an Active Duty status with authorization from the Secretary of Defense or other appropriate authority.

What is immediate mobilization for active duty?

Immediate mobilization refers to a situation where individuals are asked to report for military service without having been informed prior that they were going to be called up immediately into action by their government or army commanders.

Final Words:
Active Duty (A/D) status is an important distinction within the military and government sectors as it carries with it significant responsibilities and benefits for its members. Serving on active duty provides individuals with valuable skills and experience which will benefit them even after completion of their service obligations. For many individuals, being able to serve on active duty offers financial security as well as pride in knowing that they are helping to protect their country.

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