What does A/F mean in POLICE

A/F stands for Asian Female. This abbreviation is used to denote the gender and ethnicity of an individual.


A/F meaning in Police in Governmental

A/F mostly used in an acronym Police in Category Governmental that means Asian Female

Shorthand: A/F,
Full Form: Asian Female

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Essential Questions and Answers on Asian Female in "GOVERNMENTAL»POLICE"

What does A/F mean?

A/F stands for Asian Female.

How is A/F used?

A/F may be used to denote the race and gender identity of someone in a group or context where ethnic backgrounds are important.

Where is A/F commonly seen?

A/F is often seen in medical or research contexts, such as when documenting patient demographics or study participants.

Is there any other way to represent Asian Female?

Yes, "AF" could also be used to represent Asian Female.

Is there a similar abbreviation that denotes Asian Male?

Yes, "AM" stands for Asian Male.

Final Words:
In conclusion, A/F stands for Asian Female and is commonly used to refer to someone's race and gender identity in certain contexts.


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