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A/H, or Antwerp/Hamburg range, is a term frequently used in governmental circles. It refers to the two-way cost of shipping goods internationally between the port cities of Antwerp in Belgium and Hamburg in Germany. This range has been widely used in international trade as a benchmark for transport costs since the 1950s and is still referenced today.


A/H meaning in Transportation in Governmental

A/H mostly used in an acronym Transportation in Category Governmental that means Antwep /Hamburg Range

Shorthand: A/H,
Full Form: Antwep /Hamburg Range

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A/H is an abbreviation that stands for Antwerp / Hamburg Range. This term describes the estimated price of ocean freight transportation based on the distance between these two port cities. The cost varies depending on factors like cargo weight, type of vessel available, fuel costs, etc., but it’s generally accepted as a good indicator of what international shipping should cost.


The A/H pricing formula was first developed by Austrian banker Nathan Möser in 1952 and quickly gained popularity among traders who needed to quickly determine how much it would cost to move their goods internationally. By taking into account factors such as fuel costs, cargo weights, and other variables associated with ocean freight transportation, Möser was able to create a pricing model that accurately reflected real-world shipping costs from Antwerp to Hamburg. Over time, this range has been adopted by many organizations as a reliable way to gauge global shipping prices.


Today, the A/H range still plays an important role in international trade. It’s regularly used by freight forwarders and importers when negotiating contracts or agreeing on payment terms with overseas suppliers. Additionally, government agencies commonly utilize this range when assessing shipping regulations or trade agreements between countries that utilize either Antwerp or Hamburg ports for their imports and exports.

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What do you mean by A/H Range?

The A/H Range stands for Antwerp/Hamburg Range, which is an internationally accepted scale of measurement used to evaluate the quality of diamonds. It ranges from ‘Excellent’ at one end to ‘Poor’ at the other.

Is the A/H Scale objective?

Yes, it is an objective measurement that is based on a set of uniform criteria, established by diamond experts after meticulous study and research.

How is the A/H Scale interpreted?

The A/H scale assesses many factors related to a diamond's quality and performance such as its clarity, color, proportion, symmetry, polish and more. These are measured against a strict standard in order to evaluate a diamond's quality.

What are some examples of different ranges within the A/H Scale?

The range goes from Excellent (EX) to Very Good (VG), Good (G), Fair (F) and Poor (P). Each grade has two sub-grades for further precision when assessing a diamond; VG+ or VG-, G+ or G-, F+ or F-.

How can I use the A/H Scale to determine value?

The higher grades of EX, VG and G generally indicate better quality diamonds that are more valuable than lower grades such as F and P. However, it’s important to note that rarity be taken into account when assessing value since very rare stones may have particular characteristics that make them unique.

What other elements should I consider when evaluating diamonds with the A/H Scale?

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Final Words:
The A/H range is a useful tool for anyone involved in international trade or transportation services because it provides an accurate indication of what transportation costs typically are for shipments between two popular port cities—Antwerp and Hamburg—in Europe. As long as international trade continues to be conducted through these ports, the A/H Range will remain an important resource for those determining transport costs across the globe.


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