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Anti Natal (AN) is an acronym used to refer to medical treatments, therapies and procedures designed to prevent or reduce the number of pregnancies. It can also be used to refer to the use of birth control measures and contraceptive devices. AN measures are often employed by individuals who wish to delay or reduce parenthood, as well as married couples who have achieved their desired family size.


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A/N mostly used in an acronym Medical in Category Medical that means Anti Natal

Shorthand: A/N,
Full Form: Anti Natal

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What types of treatments are considered Anti Natal?

Anti Natal covers a range of treatments, including the use of contraceptives such as hormonal tablets, patches, rings, intrauterine devices (IUDs), vaginal barriers (diaphragms and caps), injections, implants and spermicides. Permanents methods such as tubal ligation for females, or vasectomy for males may also be considered anti natal.

Who uses Anti Natal measures?

Any individual or couple who wishes to delay or stop parenthood can make use of these measures. They can be used in cases where couples have already fulfilled their desired family size and do not wish for any additional children. Women over a certain age may opt for these procedures if they are nearing menopause.

Final Words:
Anti Natal measures offer an effective way for individuals or couples who wish to plan their families according to their own desires and needs. Anybody considering using these methods should converse with their physician in order to ensure they receive personalized advice based on their own circumstances and health status before committing themselves any interventions that could potentially alter their lives in irrevocable ways.

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