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Artist's proofs (denoted by the abbreviation A/P) are prints that were created to check the quality of a print edition made by a professional printer on behalf of an artist. These prints are not part of the regular edition and therefore are quite rare.


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A/P mostly used in an acronym News & Media in Category Community that means Artist's Proof

Shorthand: A/P,
Full Form: Artist's Proof

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What does A/P stand for?

A/P stands for "Artist's Proof".

How many artist proofs exist?

The number of existing artist proofs varies from work to work, but they usually make up no more than 10% of the total edition size.

Are artist proofs valuable?

Generally speaking, artists proof copies are more valuable than regular prints of the same edition due to their rarity and because they can offer insights into an artist's creative process.

Do all editions have an Artist Proof version?

Not necessarily; it depends on the preferences and intentions of the artist or their publisher. Some print editions simply may not include any proof copies.

Are artists proof prints signed by the artist?

Yes, most often these prints are signed as well as marked with “AP” to signify that it is a proof copy.

Final Words:
Whether you're buying or selling artwork, understanding different terminology will help you make better decisions along your journey through the art market. When it comes to A/P, knowing what this abbreviation stands for is key in order to accurately assess both value and authenticity when artworks trade hands.


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