What does IIP mean in POLICE

Investors in People (IIP) is an internationally recognised accreditation that ensures excellence in the workplace, and rewards companies who promote a work environment that enables their employees to reach their full potential.


IIP meaning in Police in Governmental

IIP mostly used in an acronym Police in Category Governmental that means Investors In People

Shorthand: IIP,
Full Form: Investors In People

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What is Investors in People (IIP)?

Investors In People is an internationally recognised accreditation that promotes and rewards excellence in the workplace. It gives employers the tools, resources and advice to ensure their people are engaged, motivated and developed.

How does IIP work?

IIP works by setting a standard for how employers should be managing and developing their staff. The standard is based on nine core principles which focus on leadership, performance management, training and development, reward and recognition etc. Companies must demonstrate how they are meeting these standards in order to gain the accreditation.

What benefits does IIP bring?

Companies who gain the IIP accreditation benefit from higher levels of employee engagement, improved productivity, lower absenteeism rates and better staff retention rates. Additionally, it helps businesses stand out from their competitors as an employer of choice and can be used as a marketing tool.

Final Words:
Investing in People has been proven to have numerous benefits for employers of all sizes such as increased performance levels, improved motivation levels among employees, reduced absenteeism rates and better staff retention rates. Therefore it is vital for any business that wants to succeed not only now but into the future to get accredited with IIP.

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