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A/S stands for Aktieselskab, which is a type of private limited company in Denmark and several other countries. An A/S company is a corporation that is owned by shareholders and managed by its board of directors. These companies are often used to run businesses that have multiple stockholders with varying levels of importance or responsibility. In short, an A/S company offers its shareholders protection from debt liability while also providing them with the opportunity to share in potential profits.


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Shorthand: a/s,
Full Form: aktieselskab

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What does A/S mean?

The term A/S comes from the Danish words "Aktie" and "Seleskab," which literally mean "stock" and "society," respectively. Most countries use some variation of this term to refer to a type of corporation that is generally registered with the local government and requires certain legal filings, accounting requirements, etc., in order to operate legally. In most cases, an A/S will be subject to corporate tax on its profits while also having restrictions on how much capital can be invested by shareholders without it being viewed as being “illegally” raised capital. This means that each shareholder must keep their own shares relatively low so as not to trigger any regulatory issues when making financial investments or taking out loans against their investment portfolio. Furthermore, an A/S can grant restricted rights or privileges to investors depending on their ownership percentage; these privileges could include voting rights or special dividend payments based upon long-term performance objectives and goals set out by the board of directors and other senior executives within the organization's hierarchy.

Full Form

The full form of A/S is Aktieselskab which essentially translates into English as “stock society” or “society with shares". Aktieselskab refers specifically to companies registered in Denmark whose primary purpose is conducting business activities like sales, marketing, production, research & development, finance & accounting services etc. It can also refer more broadly outside of Denmark meaning any corporation whose ownership is divided up into shares or stocks among multiple individual owners; however this usage isn’t as common outside Nordic nations such as Finland and Norway where it gets used much more routinely compared than elsewhere in Europe.

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What is an A/S?

An A/S, also known as an Aktieselskab, is a corporate structure in Denmark that allows an organization to become a legal entity. This type of corporation is similar to a limited liability company in other countries. Aktieselskab can be publicly traded or privately held and are subject to specific Danish legislation.

What are the advantages of setting up an A/S?

An A/S provides many benefits to its shareholders, including limited liability for the business’s operations and creditors, a perpetual existence regardless of any shareholder turnover, and access to capital through public or private offerings. Additionally, tax rates for Aktieselskab may be lower than those of other company structures depending on their size and the industry they operate within.

How do I form an Aktieselskab?

To legally create an Aktieselskab in Denmark you must first file certain documents with the Danish Central Business Register (CVR). These documents include Articles of Association with information on your company’s purpose and activities, along with all relevant founding shareholders, directors and appointed representatives. You will also need to deposit certain funds into a share capital account as part of the formation process.

Who is responsible for maintaining an A/S?

An Aktieselskab is governed by at least three board members who are responsible for managing the company’s day-to-day affairs. The board must abide by certain laws established by the Danish Companies Act as well as conform to certain regulations pertaining to its size and specific industry that it occupies. Furthermore, all accounts must be audited once per year to ensure proper record keeping and financial reporting compliance.

How many shareholders can an Aktieselskab have?

There is no set limit on how many shareholders can own shares in an Aktieselskab; however, there are certain regulations depending on your particular industry – such as banking or insurance -that dictate ownership levels for companies operating within these sectors.

Can foreigners found an Aktieselksab?

Yes! Foreigners from any country outside of Denmark may found and own shares in an Aktieselksab registered in Denmark. All directors appointed by foreign owners must have residence status within the country in order to represent their interests legally.

What documents are needed when forming an A/S?

To form a legal Aktieselksb you will need several different documents that include Articles of Association detailing founding details such as shareholders, nominated representatives & activities being undertaken etc., financial reports from implementing institutions such as banks or auditors, identification cards from involved parties & the required capital deposit made into a share capital account.

Does my A/S need a website?

Depending on your industry & purpose - having some sort online presence regarding details about your aktielsenlskab could provide useful information about your goals & services offered to potential customers although it's not necessary or mandatory under Danish law.

Are there limits on foreign ownership in Danish companies?

Not generally speaking but some industries have rules that limit foreign ownership levels according to specific requirements & regulations set out by various governing bodies; so it's important review all applicable limitations before attempting any type of foreign investments within aktielsenlksabs operating within these restrictions.

: Are there any special taxes levied on A/S companies?

Depending on your revenue level & size - you may incur special taxes or levies through taxation authorities applicable within particular industrial sectors; so it's important research taxation regulations before beginning operations inside or outside Denmark when setting up any aktielsenlksabs.

Final Words:
In conclusion, the acronym A/S stands for Aktieselskab—a specific type of private limited company available only in certain parts of Europe including Denmark. This type of corporate entity offers various benefits comfortable with most types of businesses such as ownership protections from debt liabilities and access to special privileges based on their particular percentage held by each shareholder. Additionally it also has certain drawbacks such as being beholden to corporate tax legislation relative what country your business operates in at any given time frame; but overall it remains one popular option when establishing a legitimate business structure come time for many entrepreneurs operating across Europe today .

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