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SP/A is an abbreviation that stands for "Also Spelled As." This abbreviation is used when providing an alternate spelling of a word. It's especially handy in cases where multiple spellings are accepted, such as in American and British English. This abbreviation may be seen in writing, on social media, or in everyday conversation.


A/SP/A meaning in News & Media in Community

A/SP/A mostly used in an acronym News & Media in Category Community that means Also Spelled As ....

Shorthand: A/SP/A,
Full Form: Also Spelled As ....

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Final Words:
Throughout language, there are many words with alternate spellings across different regions of the world and it can be difficult to remember all the variations in which they are written. That's why it's important to use the abbreviation SP/A when providing alternate spellings of words so readers understand what you mean if they're unfamiliar with a particular spelling variation.


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