What does A/ST mean in LEGISLATION

A/ST is an acronym used in governmental contexts and stands for Against. It is most commonly seen in the form of "votes A/ST" or "voted A/ST," meaning that a particular person or group voted against a certain measure or bill being proposed. This acronym is often used when recording minutes from meetings or official documents as it provides a way to quickly record those who were opposed to the measure.


A/ST meaning in Legislation in Governmental

A/ST mostly used in an acronym Legislation in Category Governmental that means Against

Shorthand: A/ST,
Full Form: Against

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The acronym A/ST stands for Against, which is a type of vote used in governmental contexts. This type of vote reflects an opposition to something being proposed and indicates that the voter doesn't agree with it. Being able to quickly record this type of vote using the acronym makes it easier for those recording meeting minutes or maintaining official documents from having to write out the words "against" each time someone votes against something. This also helps keep records concise and easily readable.


A/ST is typically seen written down as part of the minutes from governmental meetings and other official documents. An example sentence might be "John Doe voted A/ST on Measure XYZ." This expresses succinctly that John Doe had voted against Measure XYZ when it was proposed. It can also be used in other forms such as "Majority voted A/ST" expressing that the majority present voted against something being suggested. Depending on what kind of document it's used in, there may be more information provided alongside the A/ST designation about why someone was voting against, but for quick documentation purposes, just noting that they voted against is enough information.

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Final Words:
A/ST is an acronym that stands for Against and is commonly used in governmental contexts when documenting votes taken during meetings or other similar situations. By using this abbreviation, those taking note can quickly convey who was voting against a measure without having to write out all of their names or explain why each one was voting contrary to something being proposed. Utilizing this sort of shorthand helps make sure these types of documents don't become overly verbose while still conveying all relevant information necessary for keeping accurate records of proceedings.


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