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A09 is an acronym that stands for Eagle Airpark Airport, a public-use general aviation airport located in Bullhead City, Arizona. It is part of the Regional Port Authority network of airports and is designed to serve general aviation operations. This airport has a single asphalt runway with parallel taxiways with the main terminal on the south side of the runway. With its convenient location and low traffic volume, A09 can provide private pilots with an affordable and hassle-free route for aircrafts in the Southwest.


A09 meaning in Airport Codes in Regional

A09 mostly used in an acronym Airport Codes in Category Regional that means Eagle Airpark Airport, Bullhead City, Arizona USA

Shorthand: A09,
Full Form: Eagle Airpark Airport, Bullhead City, Arizona USA

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Facility Description

A09 is comprised of one asphalt runway that measures 5,502 feet long and 75 feet wide. The airport has a total area of 300 acres which also includes several hangars, aprons, taxiways as well as other general aviation services such as aircraft maintenance, flight training and fueling services. In addition to the airfield facilities, A09 offers a variety of amenities including car rental services and modern restrooms for travelers passing through.

Accessibility & Services

Located just 9 miles east of Bullhead City’s down town area which serves both Mohave County and La Paz County in Arizona; Eagle Airpark Airport (A09) provides easy access to both areas via small aircraft. The airport is easily accessible due to its proximity to Highway 95/Transcontinental Highway; making it ideal for local pilots looking for easy access to their personal planes as well as business travelers wanting a quick trip from one area to another. Furthermore, A09 provides fueling services such as Jet-A and AvGas 100LL for local private pilots using the facility. Moreover, travelers can take advantage of various amenities offered at A09 ranging from hangar storage space to flight instruction services; all making it an ideal destination for recreational or operational use near Bullhead City.

Essential Questions and Answers on Eagle Airpark Airport, Bullhead City, Arizona USA in "REGIONAL»AIRPORTCODES"

How do I get to Eagle Airpark Airport in Bullhead City, Arizona?

The best way to get to the airport is by car. You can take US-95 North from Bullhead City or you can take AZ-95 South from Flagstaff. Both routes will lead you directly to the airport.

What airlines fly into Eagle Airpark Airport?

Currently, there are no commercial flights into Eagle Airpark Airport. However, some charter companies do offer on-demand flights.

Are there any hotels close to Eagle Airpark Airport?

There are several hotels located just minutes away from the airport including Holiday Inn Express & Suites Bullhead City and Ramada by Wyndham Laughlin/Bullhead Intl Airport.

What services does Eagle Airpark offer?

The airport offers various services such as fueling, maintenance and pilot supplies, as well as hangar rental and flight instruction courses.

How big is Eagle Airpark Airport?

The airport has a single runway which is 3628ft (1106m) long and 75ft (23m) wide. It also has a large ramp area for aircraft parking and taxiways for access to the runway.

Final Words:
Eagle Airpark Airport (A09) is a public-use general aviation airport located in Bullhead City Arizona that is part of the Regional Port Authority Network of airports and serves small aircraft operators throughout Southwest United States region. This facility boasts state-of-the art amenities such as modern restrooms and car rental services along with fuel supplies available at competitive rates making it attractive to both leisurely flyers as well as commercial pilots alike providing them with an inexpensive option when flying into southwestern United States regions. Thus, A09 stands for Eagle Airpark Airport – an affordable gateway into small aircraft operations near Bullhead City Arizona!


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