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Area 16 is a United States Geological Survey term used to describe areas of land that experience recurrent flooding and are inundated by water during certain periods of the year. These geographical regions require special engineering and management practices in order to protect their natural resources and support sustainable development. The designation of an Area 16 applies to most US states, including Alaska, Hawaii, and the US Virgin Islands.


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Shorthand: A16,
Full Form: Area 16

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Area 16 is the technical term used by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to refer to areas that experience recurrent flooding. These regions are subject to inundation at certain times of the year due to high rainfall or snowmelt. As such, they require specific management strategies in order for development within them to be sustainable and not cause undue damage to their environmental resources.

Areas Impacted

The designation of Area 16 applies largely on a state-wide basis, though it can also encompass larger portions of certain watersheds. The affected states include Alaska, Hawaii, and the US Virgin Islands; however, no two areas will look identical with regards to which parts receive recurring floods. Identifying these areas is important for landowners, who must be aware of what regulations may govern building and other activities within Area 16 boundaries.


In order for activities within Area 16 boundaries to be both responsible and compliant with local or federal regulations, such as those laid out by US Fish & Wildlife Services' National Floodplain Management Program (NFMP), individuals need to work together with local government agencies when constructing or carrying out projects in these flood-prone areas. This includes taking into consideration mitigating factors such as elevation levels and soil types that could increase or decrease water flows in a particular area. Additionally, landowners should take into account potential risks associated with flooding before beginning any activity within an Area 16 boundary - this may include structural modifications such as raising foundations or installing culverts.

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Final Words:
Area 16 represents a wide swath of land across multiple states which are susceptible to recurrent flooding during certain points in the year; taking this fact into account when engaging with land use activities can help ensure the sustainability of its natural resources while avoiding environmental damage due to mismanagement practices. Understanding regulations governing usage around these areas is key for all stakeholders involved when planning projects near flood zones - this ensures successful completion without risking additional hazards due to inadequate preparation or negligence towards safety protocols.


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