What does A22 mean in AIRPORT CODES

A22 is a three letter airport code used to identify Eagleville Airport in California USA. It is an internationally recognized airport code, used by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This particular code is used to differentiate this airport from other airports around the world.


A22 meaning in Airport Codes in Regional

A22 mostly used in an acronym Airport Codes in Category Regional that means Eagleville Airport, Eagleville, California USA

Shorthand: A22,
Full Form: Eagleville Airport, Eagleville, California USA

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What is the address of Eagleville Airport?

The address of Eagleville Airport is 32883 County Road 85, Paso Robles, California 93446.

How do I get to Eagleville Airport?

You can easily get to Eagleville Airport by car or public transport. To get there by car, take the 101 North and exit on to Highway 46 West. Then take the County Road J1/Wellsona Rd exit and follow it until you reach County Road 85. The airport will be on your left-hand side.

Where can I park at Eagleville Airport?

Parking is available at the airport, free of charge. Please follow the signs upon arriving at the airport to find a designated parking spot for your vehicle.

Is there a rental car service available at Eagleville Airport?

Yes, there is a rental car service available at Eagleville Airport. You can reserve your car online or contact the rental company directly for more information and assistance with booking a vehicle.

Does Eagleville Airport have Wi-Fi Service?

Yes, Eaglesville Airport has Wi-Fi service that passengers are able to access for free after connecting to the network name “Eaglex WiFi” on their device’s wireless settings page.

Are there shops or restaurants located at Eagleville Airport?

No, there are no shops or restaurants located inside of Eaglesville Airport but there are several nearby that passengers can visit if they do not have time for a full meal before their flight departs.

Are there any baggage fees when flying from Eaglesville Airport?

No, there aren't any baggage fees when flying from Eaglesville Airport; however, please check with your airline for specific details on their policy regarding luggage size and weight restrictions prior to your departure date.

Are pets allowed in the terminal building of Eaglesville Airport?

Yes, pets are allowed in the terminal building provided that they remain in their carrier and with their owner at all times while in transit through Eaglesville's premises. However, please check with your airline regarding pet policies prior to arriving at the airport as some airlines may not allow animals onboard certain flights or may have additional requirements pertaining to them boarding planes.

Are smoking areas designated within Eaglesville's premises?

Yes, smoking areas are designated within Eaglesvilles premises for customers who need them; however these areas must be used responsibly and should not cause disruption or annoyance to other passengers within its vicinity. Please refer to signage when locating these designated smoking areas for guidance and adhere safely instructions stated therein when using them.

Final Words:
In conclusion, A22 is an internationally recognized three letter abbreviation representing Eagleville Airport in California USA. The abbreviation has been used since 1947 and serves as a major transshipment point for passengers and goods across multiple states in America. By using this unique identifier, travelers can quickly identify their destination without any confusion or time delays.


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