What does A26 mean in AIRPORT CODES

A26 is an abbreviation of Adin Airport, which is located in Adin, California in the United States. It is a publicly-owned airport that serves the residents of Adin as well as nearby tourists and travelers. The airport has been in operation since 1974 and continues to provide reliable services for local pilots and passengers alike.


A26 meaning in Airport Codes in Regional

A26 mostly used in an acronym Airport Codes in Category Regional that means Adin Airport, Adin, California USA

Shorthand: A26,
Full Form: Adin Airport, Adin, California USA

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What is the official name of Adin Airport?

The official name of Adin Airport is Adin, California Airport.

Where is Adin Airport located?

Adin Airport is located in the town of Adin in Lassen County, California.

How much airport area does Adin Airport cover?

The airport covers an area of approximately 12 acres.

Are there any scheduled flights to and from Adin Airport?

Yes, there are currently two scheduled commercial airlines that fly to and from Adin Airport - Sunrise Air and SkyWest Airlines.

Does the airport have its own airstrip?

Yes, the airport has a single asphalt runway which measures 4,418 feet long by 70 feet wide.

Is there accommodation nearby to Adin Airport?

Yes, there are several hotels and motels within close proximity of the airport.

Does Adin Airport have any restaurant or shops onsite?

No, but there are some restaurants and convenience stores located close by.

Are there taxi or shuttle services available at Aden Airport?

Yes, taxi services and shuttle buses operate from the arrivals area for those needing transportation to their destination.


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