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A2B stands for Adyar Anantha Bhavan, a popular chain of South Indian restaurants based in Chennai, India. Originating from a bakery and sweet stall founded in the early 1970s by its patriarch Mr. A.V. Ananthasubramaniam, it has today grown into one of the most prominent names in the city's vibrant foodscape. A2B offers delicious vegetarian delicacies such as dosas, idlis and vadas at reasonable prices without compromising on quality and taste.


A2b meaning in Foundations in Miscellaneous

A2b mostly used in an acronym Foundations in Category Miscellaneous that means Adyar anantha bhavan

Shorthand: A2b,
Full Form: Adyar anantha bhavan

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The Significance of A2B

Adyar Anantha Bhavan holds a special place in the hearts of Chennai citizens owing to its legacy as a premier source of South Indian dishes in the city since it was first established. Many locals count this establishment amongst their favorite eateries due to its dependability consistent quality control when preparing their food which allows them to enjoy unparalleled flavors without having to worry about going out of their way to find it elsewhere. Its convenient location along with an extensive menu featuring numerous local favorites has made A2B a go-to spot for lunch or dinner even amongst those who may not be familiar with Chennai’s dining scene before arriving here. This makes it an invaluable part of Chennai’s culture as it continues to provide both residents and visitors with a warm welcome and unique culinary experience every time they visit.

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What is Adyar Anatha Bhavan?

Adyar Anantha Bhavan is a renowned South Indian restaurant in Chennai, India. Established since 1940, it is famous for its delicious and unique range of traditional South Indian dishes with an emphasis on Andhra cuisine.

Where is Adyar Anantha Bhavan located?

Adyar Anantha Bhavan has outlets across Chennai, Madurai, Pondicherry and Coimbatore. The main outlet is located in the bustling Mylapore area of Chennai.

What kind of food does Adyar Anantha Bhavan serve?

At Adyar Ananta Bhavan, you can savour a wide variety of delicious, authentic South Indian food including Dosas, Idlis, Uttapams and Vadas. They also have a special breakfast menu that includes Parottas and Pooris along with accompaniments such as Sambhar and Chutney.

Does Adyar Anantha Bhavan cater to special dietary requirements?

Definitely! Vegan and gluten-free options are available, as well as dishes specifically designed to meet the dietary restrictions of customers with diabetes or other medical conditions. Please do let them know about any special dietary requirements while ordering your meal.

Is there a minimum order requirement for delivery?

Yes, the minimum order requirement for delivery depends on the distance from the restaurant outlet to your chosen address - if it exceeds 3 kilometers then the minimum order value should be Rs 200/- else it would be Rs 100/-.

Does Adyar Anantha Bhavan accept card payments?

Yes! Payments made through Credit cards/Debit Cards/Net Banking/Gift Cards are accepted at all outlets of Adyar Ananta Bhavan. Cash payments are also accepted at their outlets in Madurai & Coimbatore only.

Final Words:
Adyar Anantha Bhavan (A2B) has developed into one of the most beloved locations in Chennai catering not only to locals but also those visiting this part of India from around the world seeking out authentic South Indian cuisine while still maintaining value for money offerings when compared to more expensive options across the region. Its dedication towards providing flavorful dishes using only fresh ingredients that have passed stringent quality control tests makes every visit worthwhile no matter how often one decides to pay them a visit making A2B deserving of its place amongst Chennai’s best eateries.


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