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The FAA airport code A34 may not mean much to some, but to avid travelers and aviation enthusiasts, it stands for Dayton Valley Airpark Airport located in Dayton/ Carson City, Nevada. An important part of the state's infrastructure, the airport serves as a general aviation gateway to the area. From air-touring to sport pilot activities and more, the airport is a great place to experience all that rural Nevada has to offer.


A34 meaning in Airport Codes in Regional

A34 mostly used in an acronym Airport Codes in Category Regional that means Dayton Valley Airpark Airport, Dayton/ Carson City, Nevada USA

Shorthand: A34,
Full Form: Dayton Valley Airpark Airport, Dayton/ Carson City, Nevada USA

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Dayton Valley Airpark Airport is situated in Nevada's capital city of Carson City and its neighboring town Dayton. The airport has convenient access from Highway 50 and Interstate 80 while being owned by Lyon County and operated by local volunteers. Known for its incredible scenery and outdoor activities, the surrounding area also has a great selection of lodging options close by.

Services Available

Dayton Valley Airpark Airport provides a wide range of services for those looking to take flight in their own or rental aircraft. The airport offers fuel sales onsite as well as tie down space for customers who want to store their planes overnight. Additionally, call out service is available for both pilots and passengers needing help with preflight checklists or post-flight maintenance. There are also rental cars available on site if you're looking for an alternative means of transportation after landing at A34.


When flying through A34, you might want to extend your stay in the area longer than your typical flight in order to enjoy some of the other activities present near the airfield. Fans of motorsports will be able to find plenty of off-road trails nearby while shopping enthusiasts can visit some unique stores located within walking distance from the terminal building as well as some larger centers offering a variety of goods within driving distance from the airfield. Other popular recreational attractions nearby include golf courses and hiking spots around Washoe Lake State Park which is just ten miles away from Dayton Valley Airpark Airport making this a perfect destination stopover during any trip through Nevada's wonderful outdoors!

Essential Questions and Answers on Dayton Valley Airpark Airport, Dayton/ Carson City, Nevada USA in "REGIONAL»AIRPORTCODES"

What is the ICAO code for Dayton Valley Airpark Airport?

The ICAO code for Dayton Valley Airpark Airport is KDAY.

What type of airport is Dayton Valley Airpark?

Dayton Valley Airpark is a public-use airport located in both Dayton and Carson City, Nevada.

What services are offered at Dayton Valley Airpark?

Dayton Valley Airpark offers aircraft rentals, flight instruction, and other aviation related services.

What airlines operate out of Dayton Valley Airpark?

Currently, no airlines operate out of Dayton Valley Airpark. It is primarily used by private aircraft owners and those seeking aviation-related services.

Does the airport have refueling facilities?

Yes, fuel is available at the airport and can be purchased with cash or credit card.

Is there any overnight parking available at the airport?

Yes, long term parking is available on a daily or monthly basis.

Are there any restaurants nearby the airport?

Yes, there are several restaurants located within easy driving distance from the airport.

Does the airport have hangars to store aircraft?

Yes, there are 10 hangars at the airport which can accommodate most small and medium-sized aircrafts.

How far away is Downtown Carson City from the airpork?

Downtown Carson City is approximately four miles south of the airpork.

Are rental cars available at the airpork?

Yes, there are multiple car rental companies near the airpork that offer both short term and long term car rentals.

Final Words:
No matter whether you're an experienced aviator or simply taking your first flight ever, there's something special about visiting Dayton Valley Airpark Airport (A34) in Lyon County Nevada! With its convenient location between two major highways and beautiful natural surroundings it makes for an ideal stopover spot when traveling across rural parts of this great American state! So next time you're planning a trip through northern Nevada don't forget about A34 - you won't regret it!


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