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A47 is an abbreviation used mainly in the field of MISCELLANEOUS. While its exact meaning may vary from context to context, A47 refers to Area 47, an outdoor adventure park located in the Austrian Alps. The park is renowned for its range of activities such as canyoning, rafting, and other water sports. With stunning views of the Tyrolean mountains and lush green forests nearby, it's a great place to explore nature and have some fun!


A47 meaning in Toastmasters in Miscellaneous

A47 mostly used in an acronym Toastmasters in Category Miscellaneous that means Area 47

Shorthand: A47,
Full Form: Area 47

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Meaning of A47

A47 stands for Area 47, an adrenaline-filled outdoor experience located in the Ötztal Valley near Imst, Austria. This huge adventure park is filled with exciting activities ranging from classic whitewater rafting and kayaking to canyoning and high ropes courses. With plenty of options for beginner to advanced adventurers, it’s easy to find something fun to do at Area 47. Visitors can also explore the nearby temperate rainforest or take a leisurely stroll along one of the many trails winding through this beautiful corner of Europe.

Popularity & Use Cases

Area 47 is one of the most popular outdoor parks in Austria and beyond, welcoming thousands of visitors each year who come to enjoy its wide variety of exciting activities. With top-notch safety protocols and helpful staff who want nothing more than you to have a good time, there’s no better place to get your adrenaline fix than at A47. From zip lining over peaceful mountain lakes or taking a chilling river rafting tour down rapids that get your heart pounding, there’s something here for everyone looking for an adventure they won’t soon forget.

Essential Questions and Answers on Area 47 in "MISCELLANEOUS»TOAST"

What activities can I do in Area 47?

There are lots of activities to choose from at Area 47! You can try rafting or hydrospeed in the Ötztaler Ache, freeride canyoning, rock climbing and high ropes courses. For those looking for thrills, you can also try paragliding, bungee jumping, zip-lining and combo tours.

Is Area 47 suitable for children?

Yes! We offer fun and safe programs customized just for children. They can take part in activities such as rafting, adventure trails and Archery Tag. An adult or guardian should accompany all children under 16 years old.

What is the opening times for Area 47?

During summer (July 1 - August 31) we are open 9am - 8pm daily. In spring (September 1 - June 30), we are open 9am - 6pm daily. Please note that these times may vary due to weather conditions.

How do I get to Area 47?

Area 47 is located in Umhausen, Austria; about 60 km away from Innsbruck and 1 hour away from Munich by car. The closest airport is Innsbruck International Airport, which offers direct flights from most major airports around Europe.

What safety measures does Area 47 take?

Safety is our number one priority at Area 47! All visitors must sign a disclaimer form before entering the premises and all activities are supervised by trained staff who always abide by strict safety rules and regulations. We also provide protective equipment such as life jackets and helmets where necessary.

Does Area 47 have any accommodation options?

Yes! Our onsite camping ground offers camping sites with mountain views that include access to toilets, showers and electricity points for tents or caravans. Additionally, there are several hotels nearby if you would prefer a more comfortable stay near us.

Are pets allowed in Area 47?

Unfortunately not; only service animals are permitted in the area due to safety reasons.

Do I need to book ahead of time if I want to visit Area 47?

We recommend visitors book their tickets online at least two days prior their intended visit schedule since ticket availability may be limited during peak season. However walk-ins are still accepted during non-peak periods.

Final Words:
A47 is an abbreviation mostly used in MISCELLANEOUS which stands for Area 47 - a thrilling outdoor adventure park located in Austria’s gorgeous Ötztal Valley. Thanks to its wide selection of activities including rappelling through caves or scaling high ropes courses, all types of adventurers will find something fun and safe at Area 47 that will give them a great adrenaline rush!


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