A99ID is an acronym that stands for Associates of the 99th Infantry Division. This organization was created to help preserve the legacy and records of the 99th Infantry Division, which served in World War II. Membership is open to the veterans, families, and friends of veterans who were part of this division during WWII, as well as individuals who are interested in research or learning more about this group's history. A99ID serves to recognize and honor those who fought for freedom and democracy in Europe during WWII.


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Shorthand: A99ID,
Full Form: Associates of the 99th Infantry Division

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About A99ID

The 99th Infantry Division, also known as the “Checkerboard Division”, was formed on October 15th 1942. During World War II it served in France and Germany from November 1944 until May 1945 under General George S. Patton’s Third Army. It sustained heavy losses throughout its tenure fighting with great bravery and distinction against enemy forces including German armored divisions and elite troops such as the Waffen SS. The division played a major role in several battles such as defending Bastogne against a massive German offensive during the Battle of the Bulge. After World War II ended the division was disbanded in late 1945 but their legacy has been kept alive by many organizations such as A99ID (Associates of the 99th Infantry Division). Founded in 1950 by Colonel William Bowers, A99ID serves to provide information about this division, its members and provide support to families whose relatives served in it during WWII. A99ID also connects like minded individuals from across the world through regional events like reunions or memorial services where they can get together to share stories about their respective experiences with each other or give tribute to fallen comrades from WWII. Furthermore A99ID works hard to preserve documents related to this infantry division in order provide people with information into its rich history which otherwise may have been left forgotten over time if not for their tireless efforts

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What is the history of the 99th Infantry Division?

The 99th Infantry Division was activated in October 1942 at Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi. It trained in the United States for two years before being deployed to Europe, where it served under General George S. Patton's Third Army during World War II. The Division fought in the Battle of Hurtgen Forest and was one of the first Allied units to enter Germany and liberated several concentration camps near Buchenwald. They were also part of the final push towards Berlin before heading to Prague where they remained until V-E Day, May 8th 1945.

Where did the 99th Infantry Division serve?

Members of the 99th Infantry Division served primarily in Western Europe during World War II. They were part of General George S. Patton's Third Army and fought in Germany and Czechoslovakia during their time overseas.

When was the 99th Infantry Division deactivated?

The 99th Infantry Division was deactivated on 25 September 1945 after V-E Day celebrations had ended and its soldiers were brought home from Europe.

How many members served with the 99th Infantry Division?

Over 20,000 soldiers served with distinction as members of the 99th Infantry Division throughout its lifetime from October 1942 to September 1945.

What awards did members of the 99th Infantry Division receive?

Thousands of Distinguished Service Crosses, Silver Stars, Bronze Stars, Purple Hearts and other decorations were awarded to members of this heroic division for their bravery and dedication in combat against some of Nazi Germany’s most elite forces.

What is an Associate of the 99th Infantry Division?

An Associate is someone who has a close connection or relationship to a past member or family member who served with distinction in WWII with this legendary unit known as “The Checkerboards” or “The Ninety Nineers” due to their distinctive unit patch insignia they adopted while serving overseas - a checkerboard design with “99” superimposed over it..

How can I become an Associate Member?

All relatives (parents/spouse/children) and relatives by marriage (in-laws) are welcome to join as associate members if they have evidence that indicates them being related to a past service member that served with distinction in WWII with this legendary unit known as “The Checkerboards”or ‘The Ninety Nineers”.

Are there other membership levels associated with being an Associate Member?

Yes! As an associate you may choose between three different membership levels – Regular Membership ($75 USD per annum), Senior Membership ($50 USD per annum) and Life Membership ($500 USD). All associate members get access exclusive content such as newsletters, discounts on merchandise, networking opportunities amongst other things.

Does Associates Of The 99Th Infantry Divison support any charity initiatives?

Yes! Members are encouraged to participate in various charitable projects initiated by Associates Of The 99Th including fundraising events that benefit veterans' organizations, donating money towards memorials built for lost friends & family members along with volunteer work within local communities.


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