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Prospect Medical Holdings is a for-profit healthcare system based out of California. They specialize in health management, hospital services, and physician services across the United States. As a leading integrated healthcare delivery and financing network, Prospect Medical Holdings provides comprehensive solutions to meet the healthcare needs of the communities it serves.


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PMH mostly used in an acronym Medical in Category Medical that means Prospect Medical Holdings

Shorthand: PMH,
Full Form: Prospect Medical Holdings

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What services does Prospect Medical Holdings provide?

Prospect Medical Holdings provides health management, hospital services and physician services across the United States. Their integrated healthcare delivery and financing network helps to meet the diverse healthcare needs of their communities.

Where is Prospect Medical Holdings located?

Prospect Medical Holdings is located in California, but they provide their services throughout the United States.

What kind of financing solutions do they offer?

Prospect Medical Holdings offers integrated healthcare delivery and financing solutions to help meet their communities' diverse healthcare needs.

Does Prospect Medical Holders partner with other organizations?

Yes, Prospect Medical Holders partners with other organizations to provide better care access to its members and patients.

How long has Prospect Medical Holdings been in operation?

Prospect Medical Holdings has been in operation since 1992.

Final Words:
Founded in 1992, Prospect Medical Holdings is a for-profit health care system that offers integrated care management solutions for hospitals, physicians and other stakeholders across the US. By partnering with other organizations to serve its members and patients better care access, PMH strives to provide comprehensive health solutions that meets every individual's unique needs.

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