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AA is an abbreviation for Associate of Arts. This designation is most often used in the United States of America and Canada and usually indicates a two-year college degree. It is a type of undergraduate degree that is offered in various disciplines, such as English, history, mathematics and more. AA degrees are commonly seen among students who wish to continue on to higher levels of study, such as Bachelor’s degrees, though many graduates find employment upon completion in both public and private sectors.


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AA mostly used in an acronym Academic Degrees in Category Academic & Science that means Associate of Arts

Shorthand: AA,
Full Form: Associate of Arts

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What is an Associate of Arts (AA)?

An Associate of Arts (AA) is an undergraduate degree granted by a college or university that typically requires at least two years of full-time study. This degree gives students the basic knowledge in several academic and liberal arts areas including communication, literature, history, and mathematics. The AA degree also allows students to pursue further studies in topics such as science or language.

What are the benefits of getting an AA?

Earning an Associate of Arts can open many doors for students looking to start their post-secondary education. It allows them to specialize in certain fields or obtain a transferable curriculum from one college or university to another without having to start their program all over again. Furthermore, it provides students with a broader base of knowledge than most high school diplomas alone would offer.

How long does it take to achieve an AA?

Generally speaking, it takes at least two years to earn an Associate's Degree in Arts. However, some colleges and universities may require more credits while others may take less time depending on the student's individual academic goals and curriculum selections.

Where can I use my AA Degree?

With an Associate's Degree in Arts, graduates will have developed a combination of critical thinking, communication skills, problem solving abilities and cultural appreciation that can be applied in almost any industry — from business administration, marketing and early childhood education to law enforcement and information technology. Depending on your area of concentration within the AA program you may have even more specialized options available for your credentials.

What types of careers could I pursue with my AA?

An Associate’s Degree in Arts can provide many opportunities depending on what career paths you decide to pursue after graduation. Possibilities could range from administrative positions like police officers or attorneys all the way up to high-level business executives leading companies across multiple industries. Basically if you have leadership qualities paired with good communication skills then you should be able to find employment with almost any organization-- large or small!

Can I use my AA towards a Bachelor’s Degree?

Many Colleges & Universities accept the credits earned from completing an associate’s degree towards their own bachelor's programs so yes this is possible! Be sure to speak with your guidance counselor before enrolling in courses as they may recognize a different set of courses than another institution — it is worth double checking!

Are there scholarships available for those pursuing an AA?

Yes! There are numerous scholarships out there specifically designed for those who are aiming towards earning an associate’s degree in arts so be sure to do plenty research online before committing yourself financially into anything else! Additionally many institutions offer need or merit based grants so if this applies don't forget about inquiring about them too!

Does every college offer an Associate’s Degree in Arts?

Not necessarily; however almost every college/university offers some sort of variation that might fit under this umbrella (such as Liberal Studies). It is important that you contact each school directly by either visiting their website or calling them up so that you can get full disclosure about the unique offerings they provide relative to your educational goals!

Is there any difference between First Year University programs versus Second Year Associates Programs?

This depends entirely on what institutions/programs you decide on taking. Typically first year university programs are geared towards providing broad foundational knowledge while second year associates degrees usually offer more detailed program requirements related around specific subjects within their field(s) of study such as Psychology & Philosophy.

Will employers value me holding only an AA instead of holding a four-year Bachelor’s Degree?

Absolutely; depending on what field(s) you choose most employers value those who possess specialized skillsets regardless whether they gained that training through a certificate course/program or through earning their four year bachelor's degree - provided that those job seekers have also proven themselves reliable employees who understand/practice existing protocols essential for successful team growth within the workplace environment.

Final Words:
In conclusion, it’s clear to see why so many students choose to pursue Associate of Arts (AA) degrees when looking for higher education opportunities in North America. Not only does this provide them with a solid foundation in knowledge through their chosen discipline but also increases their chances of long term job security throughout their professional lives – no matter which route they decide to take once graduation has been achieved.

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