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Have you ever wondered what "AA" stands for? There is a variety of possible meanings depending on the context it appears in. In miscellaneous terms, AA refers to Assassins Anonymous. This group is an organization that operates online and focuses on providing a safe atmosphere for gamers who enjoy playing games with violence or assassination themes. Founded on four core principles – Respect, Cooperation, Fun and Fairplay – Assassins Anonymous connects gamers from around the world to enjoy their favorite violent video games without fearing judgment or persecution.


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AA mostly used in an acronym Funnies in Category Miscellaneous that means Assassins Anonymous

Shorthand: AA,
Full Form: Assassins Anonymous

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What is Assassins Anonymous?

Assassins Anonymous (AA) is an anonymous community of assassins dedicated to protecting innocent lives through carefully targeted and well-executed executions. We aim to eliminate any potential evil that may befall the innocent, quickly and without compromise.

Who are the members of Assassins Anonymous?

Assassins Anonymous is a global collective of experienced professional assassins who have come together for the common cause of justice and protection for those in need. Our members come from all walks of life, with backgrounds spanning military, intelligence, law enforcement, and private enterprise. We strive to maintain complete anonymity at all times.

What qualifications must I fulfill to join Assassins Anonymous?

Due to the sensitive nature of our work, we require that all applicants possess an exemplary record in their past field of work and possess impeccable references. In addition to this background check, applicants must also complete a rigorous interview process in order to demonstrate their knowledge and commitment to our principles as a collective.

How can I contact Assassins Anonymous?

Our operations are conducted entirely off the grid with no direct communication or interaction between our members which ensures total anonymity. Furthermore we do not accept walk-in applications nor inquiries from third-parties; contact is only possible via a secure and exclusive courier network managed by us.

How does your payment system operate?

All payments are made strictly electronically; no physical cash is used in our transactions for safeguarding member anonymity as well as delivering swift payments around the world. Credit accounts backed by certain banking institutions guarantee swift payment upon completion while maintaining security protocols during transfer processes.

What type of assignments does Assassins Anonymous handle?

We offer a wide range of services designed specifically for premier clients who require discrete solutions that reach beyond legal instruments available through standard channels such as litigation or arbitration proceedings. As part of these services we take on assignments related but not limited corporate espionage, infiltration, dignitary protection detail coordination (VIPs), assassination plots etc...

Does Assassins Anonymous cooperate with law enforcement authorities?

Absolutely not; our operatives adhere strictly to operational protocols that puts utmost priority into avoiding any association with governments or legal systems at all costs - even if it means sacrificing an achievement or two in order to remain untraceable whilst evading detection indefinitely.

How long has Assassins Anonymous been operating?

AA has been quietly operating since early 1990s - providing exclusive services across multiple continents without ever announcing its presence openly nor engaging into publicly visible activities until now.

Final Words:
In conclusion, AA stands for Assassins Anonymous - a community-focused gaming network that strives to give its members the opportunity to play violent video game styles without fear of judgement while staying true its core values Respect, Cooperation, Fun & Fairplay. Through our network we hope that gamers will be able to connect with each other regardless of background or culture while still maintaining a commitment towards self growth through learning resources provided within our community.

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