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Risk Analysis Unit (RAU) is an important part of any organization's risk management system. It focuses on identifying and analyzing potential risks that might impact the business, developing strategies and plans to mitigate any risks identified, and assessing the effectiveness of the strategies. RAU is responsible for monitoring the environment for potential risks and implementing changes to the company's policies or procedures in response to those threats. FA


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RAU mostly used in an acronym Banking in Category Business that means Risk Analysis Unit

Shorthand: RAU,
Full Form: Risk Analysis Unit

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Risk Analysis Unit (RAU) is an essential part of every organization's risk management system which focuses on identifying, analyzing, mitigating and monitoring any external threat that may pose a danger to its operations or reputation. With personnel skilled in financial analysis, data analysis, coding proficiency and experience with statistical software packages they seek out potential dangers so that appropriate measures can be taken to ensure they don't materialize into something more serious than they already are

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