What does AA mean in IEEE

The abbreviation "AA" stands for the phrase "Author's Addition". It is used to indicate additional content in various types of documents, such as books, articles, and essays. It typically denotes an addition that was not originally included in the document, but has since been added by the author. This type of addition can either be a new section or an expansion of an existing one. AA also serves as a reminder to any readers of these documents that they should pay special attention to these sections.


AA meaning in IEEE in Academic & Science

AA mostly used in an acronym IEEE in Category Academic & Science that means Author's Addition

Shorthand: AA,
Full Form: Author's Addition

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AA identifies sections in books, articles, and other documents that have been added by the author after the original content had been published. These additions could be brand new sections entirely, or they could be expansions upon existing parts of the work. By using AA, authors are able to provide further insight into their work beyond what was initially provided in its creation. Furthermore, readers will know to pay extra attention to these sections as they may hold previously undisclosed information not found elsewhere in the text.

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Final Words:
In conclusion, AA is a critical notation used by authors when providing additional content to their documents after they have already been published. Through this notation, readers can identify newly added pieces of information that may prove essential to their understanding of the material presented. Therefore it is important for both authors and readers alike to bear in mind when analysing documents with AA indicated

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