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One of the most significant abbreviation in the field of Anthropology is AA. It stands for "Archiv fur Anthropologie" which is a German based organization and academic journal. This prestigious journal focuses on various aspects of Anthropology which are ranging from physical, cultural, evolutionary, sociological and linguistical fields. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind AA and how it has become an essential part of the study of Anthropology.


AA meaning in Romanian in International

AA mostly used in an acronym Romanian in Category International that means Archiv fur Anthropologie, Brauschweig

Shorthand: AA,
Full Form: Archiv fur Anthropologie, Brauschweig

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AA stands for "Archiv fur Anthropologie". It is a renowned academic journal devoted to Anthropological research since its inception in 1851 in Brauschweig, Germany. "Archiv fur Anthropologie" translates to "Archive for Anthropology" and it is widely regarded as one of the premier journals on anthropological topics across Europe. This journal provides researchers with vital information regarding a wide range of topics within the field including human evolution, language development, culture, social organization, health studies and much more. Furthermore, it may also contain articles that discuss archaeological finds or biogeographical data related to particular regions or countries.


The primary purpose behind AA's establishment back in 1851 was to provide scholars with easy access to valuable resources related to anthropology from all over Europe. As such, AA has since become a vital source for knowledge when it comes to emerging trends within the field or current research findings among other things. Additionally, this journal also helps students stay up-to-date in their research as well as provides them with access to groundbreaking papers by leading anthropologists from around the world that share their views about various topics within anthropology. Lastly, this journal serves as an excellent platform for networking among professionals who are actively engaged in anthropological research by providing them opportunities for exchange of ideas through published papers or any other form of communication.

Essential Questions and Answers on Archiv fur Anthropologie, Brauschweig in "INTERNATIONAL»ROMANIAN"

What is the Archiv fur Anthropologie?

The Archiv fur Anthropologie is a scholarly journal published out of Brauschweig, Germany. It publishes theoretical and empirical articles relating to anthropology, history and archaeology.

To what topics does the Archiv fur Anthropologie primarily contribute?

Primarily, the Archiv fur Anthropologie contributes to topics within anthropology, history and archaeology. Special attention is given to theoretical and empirical research conducted in those areas.

What type of format is the Archiv fur Anthropologie published in?

The Archiv fur Anthropologie is mostly published as an online journal in PDF format. However, some print editions are also distributed from time to time.

Is there a cost associated with reading content from the Archiv fur Anthropologie?

Generally speaking, most content from the Archiv fur Anthropologie can be accessed for free on their website or through other affiliated sites such as JSTOR or Project MUSE. Some subscription fees may apply for larger volumes or paper copies of publications.

Who publishes the content found within the Archiv Fur Anthropologie?

Various anthropologists, historians and archaeologists are responsible for publishing content found in the Archives Fur Anthropologies. Additionally, some guest authors are invited to submit pieces related to their domains of expertise.

What types of information can be found within this publication?

Content within the Archives Fur Anthropology typically consists of theoretical discussions and empirical studies related to anthropology, history and archaeology fields. These topics range from cultural interpretations to technological advancements made during certain periods of time.

Are there any deadlines for submitting manuscripts for consideration for publication in the Archives Fur Anthropology?

Yes, potential contributors should visit https://www2.hu-berlin.de/humboldt/en/archaev/publish_your_paper for more information on submission guidelines and deadlines regarding manuscripts intended for publishing in this journal.

Where can I find peer reviews and comments on material published by the Archives Fur Anthropology?

Peer reviews and comments related to material published by this journal can be found through online sources such as Google Scholar or ResearchGate.

Final Words:
In conclusion, AA stands for "Archiv fur Anthropologie" which is a German based academic journal devoted specifically towards advancing scholarly knowledge related to anthropology from all over Europe since its founding back in 1851. The information found within its pages can be utilized by both professionals and students alike as they aim towards expanding their understanding of human evolution through relevant anthropological topics while also giving readers access to pioneering works from leading experts within the field worldwide. By providing such invaluable resources to those interested in studying anthropology further or just want keep up with current developments related to this domain will surely benefit greatly from reading what is contained within “Archiv fur Anthropologie”.

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