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SXF stands for Schonefeld Airfield, which is located in Berlin, Germany. This airport is the secondary international airport of the city and it serves as a hub for numerous airlines across Europe. It is also part of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport, which consists of both Tegel International Airport and Schönefeld Airfield located in Berlin. The main international destinations served from SXF are Prague, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Istanbul, London-Heathrow, Warsaw and Paris Charles de Gaulle.


SXF meaning in Airport Codes in Regional

SXF mostly used in an acronym Airport Codes in Category Regional that means Schonefeld Airfield, Berlin, Germany

Shorthand: SXF,
Full Form: Schonefeld Airfield, Berlin, Germany

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Benefits of SXF

The benefits of choosing Schonefeld Airfield (SXF) as your entry point into Berlin are numerous. Firstly, it offers great access to both domestic German cities and European countries with direct flights to Amsterdam, Prague or London-Heathrow. Secondly, there are many other advantages including low landing fees compared to other airports in the region and an impressive range of ground transportation options including trains and buses connecting you to downtown Berlin in less than 25 minutes. Finally despite being around 6 miles from central Berlin it features very short wait times at passport control due to its smaller size and efficient customer service employees watching over all passengers going through security check points.

Essential Questions and Answers on Schonefeld Airfield, Berlin, Germany in "REGIONAL»AIRPORTCODES"

What is SXF?

SXF stands for Schonefeld Airfield, which is an airport located in Berlin, Germany.

Where is SXF located?

SXF is located in Berlin, Germany. The exact address of the airport is Flughafen Schönefeld Fahrweg 108159 Berlin.

Is there transportation to/from SXF?

Yes, passengers can take public transportation such as local buses, regional trains and trams to/from the airport or use a taxi or car service for a more direct route.

What airlines operate at SXF?

A variety of major airlines offer regular flights from Schonefeld Airfield including but not limited to Lufthansa, easyJet, Turkish Airlines and British Airways.

How much does parking cost at SXF?

Parking rates vary depending on the length of stay; however, estimated daily rates are €8 (short-term), €15 (medium-term) and €25 (long-term).

Are there any hotel options near SXF?

Yes, there are several hotels conveniently located near the airport such as Radisson Blu Airport Hotel ZweiBruederhaus Berlin-Schönefeld and Steigenberger Airport Hotel.

Are there restaurants at SXF?

Yes, there are multiple restaurants and cafes available inside Schonefeld Airfield such as Reem Bar Cafe & Lounge and Restaurant Vogelsang.

Final Words:
In conclusion if you’re looking for a convenient way to land in Berlin then look no further than Schonefeld Airfield (or SXF). Offering everything from great flight connection options with surrounding countries to efficient ground transportation links into central Berlin – there isn’t a better place than this airport when travelling into or out of the city. Whether you’re here on business or pleasure then make sure you consider this exceptional gateway when planning your trip!


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