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Activism (A) is a strong way of expressing one's opinion and fighting for a cause to make change in the world. It is not only about taking direct action but also about educating, advocating and inspiring others to be part of this movement for progress. Activism has been around since the dawn of mankind and continues today to be instrumental in making our world a better place.


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Shorthand: A,
Full Form: Activism

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Activism can be defined as “the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change”. This form of protest usually involves public demonstrations and rallies where people come together to express their views on issues that they deem important. This can include everything from vocalizing opinions, marching, sign-holding, sitting-ins, boycotts, petitioning and general participation in causes that aim to bring the attention of decision makers towards the topic at hand.

Reasons to Participate

The reasons someone may choose to engage in activism range from personal beliefs and values, feelings of responsibility towards their community or even wanting to spark interest in an issue they feel passionate about. In many ways activism can also open up space within communities for discussion and dialogue amongst members who may have different perspectives on the same issue which can create new ways of understanding other's points of view as well as insight into one's self.


The impact that activism can have varies depending on who is involved and what goal they are hoping to achieve. Often times it leads to much larger changes than what was originally anticipated with more people joining in because they are inspired by its message or wish to help make a difference. This form of expression provides an outlet where those affected by particular issues can reach out, speak their minds and bridge the gap between themselves and those who are responsible for making decisions that will affect them directly or indirectly.

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What is Activism?

Activism is the practice of actively taking part in politics, social and environmental causes to bring about reform or change. It can include peaceful protests, direct action, civil disobedience, boycotts and petitions. All these actions are undertaken with the aim of affecting specific policy or laws that will make people's lives better.

Why should people participate in activism?

Participating in activism gives individuals the opportunity to stand up for a cause they believe in and make a positive difference in their communities. It also allows people to gain an insight into how policy-making works and learn how to effectively advocate for an idea or cause.

How does activism create change?

By speaking up and making their voices heard, activists can create a groundswell of support for a certain cause which can influence decision makers and policy makers at local, regional and national levels. Through collective effort, these campaigns can lead to meaningful changes that will benefit those who participated in them.

What kind of campaigns do activists organise?

Activists organise campaigns based on their chosen goals; this could be anything from raising awareness on climate change to advocating for social justice issues like racial discrimination or gender equality. The most effective campaigns usually have clear objectives that draw attention to the issue at hand and generate a sense of urgency amongst people to take action on it.

How do I join an activist campaign?

You can join any number of activist groups that exist online or offline; there are many forums available where you can meet like-minded individuals who share your concerns about certain issues as well as tips on how you can help make an impact. Additionally, some organisations host events such as rallies which are open to all who wish to attend and show their support for a cause.

Is activism only limited to protests?

No, although peaceful protests play an important role in many activist campaigns they are not the only methods used by activists across the world today. Other forms of activism include fundraising activities, writing letters or emails directly to relevant decision-makers or elected representatives, organising sit-ins or rallies etc.

What are the risks involved with being an activist?

Being an activist comes with its own set of risks such as physical harm (for those engaging in protests), arrests for civil disobedience offences, harassment by authorities etc., It is important that activists understand these risks before engaging in any kind of activity so they know what sort of precautions need to be taken if things don't go according plan.

Is it safe for children/young people to participate in activism?

Yes, however it is recommended that children/young people always work alongside adults who have experience regarding protest tactics so they stay safe throughout any protesting activities they may engage in.

Final Words:
Activism is an important tool for bringing attention to issues needing resolution in our society today whether it be human rights abuses, environmental destruction or lack access to basic resources such as food, water and shelter. It gives people a voice amid systems where their concerns may otherwise go unheard; allowing them agency when it comes taking control over their own lives thus providing hope for a brighter future.

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