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Animal or ‘A’ is an abbreviation used for the medical term ‘Anorexia’. Anorexia is a common eating disorder that affects many people around the world and can be hard to overcome in some cases. This article will explain the full form of A, its meaning in medical terms, and other aspects related to this disorder.


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A mostly used in an acronym British Medicine in Category Medical that means animal

Shorthand: A,
Full Form: animal

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The full form of A is Anorexia Nervosa - a severe eating disorder that causes someone's BMI ( Body Mass Index )to drop much below normal levels due to extreme dietary limitations set by them on purpose sometimes even leading up till starvation when unattended over long durations without seeking professional help for serious underlying psychological issues like depression & anxiety linked directly with their distorted view about their own body image based on unrealistic standards imposed by society. This condition affects both males & females equally but more frequently noticed among teenage girls with poor self-confidence about their own bodies leading up towards developing this deadly eating disorder unknowingly until it has already been real deep down inside them creating too much difficulty later on in order reverse back completely from it later come days..

Essential Questions and Answers on animal in "MEDICAL»BRITMEDICAL"

What kind of animal is a flamingo?

A flamingo is a type of wading bird. It has very long legs and a curved beak, with feathers that are typically pink or white in color. The most common species of flamingo found in the wild is the greater flamingo.

What types of animals lay eggs?

Birds, reptiles, amphibians, and some fish lay eggs. Many invertebrates like snails, mollusks, and crustaceans also reproduce by laying eggs. Mammals—including humans—do not lay eggs.

How long do cats live?

On average, cats can live for 12-15 years when they receive regular veterinary care and have access to good nutrition and a safe environment.

What is the biggest living land animal?

The largest living land animal on earth is the African elephant, which can weigh up to 7 tons (14,000 pounds).

How many dog breeds exist?

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), there are currently over 190 recognized dog breeds worldwide.

Are turtles warm-blooded or cold-blooded?

Turtles are ectothermic animals (cold-blooded). This means they rely on their environment for body temperature regulation by seeking warmer spots when they feel cold or cooler places when too hot.

Are bats mammals?

Yes, bats are mammals; specifically they are placental mammals meaning they nourish their young through an internal placenta prior to birth rather than laying eggs.

Final Words:
A represents Anorexia Nervosa - an eating disorder characterized by severe dietary restrictions resultingin reduced weight due low BMI ( Body Mass Index ). People suffering from thiscondition usually have poor body image perception thus making them highly prone topsychological issues like depression & anxiousness making quite hard for them toreverse back into normal lifestyles again without seeking any professional help anytime soonbefore taking any further steps ahead unfortunately if not taken seriously beforehand thenit might risk up lives leaving aside just mere memories from all those exhausting daysbehind once gone past badly enough forever!

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