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Atlantic Premium Brands, Ltd. (ABR) is a consumer goods company specializing in producing, marketing and distributing upscale food products. Founded in 1996, its headquarters are located in Bermuda with operations spread across the United States, Canada and Mexico.


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ABR mostly used in an acronym AMEX Symbols in Category Business that means Atlantic Premium Brands, Ltd.

Shorthand: ABR,
Full Form: Atlantic Premium Brands, Ltd.

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What types of food products does ABR produce?

ABR produces a variety of food products including gourmet meals and snacks, frozen pizzas, condiments and sauces, chips and popcorn-based snacks, nuts and trail mixes.

Where is ABR headquartered?

ABR is headquartered in Bermuda but has operations spread across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Are all of the food products produced by ABR organic or natural?

While ABR does offer some organic or natural options, most of the food products produced are traditional non-organic or non-natural items.

Does the company have any other divisions beyond food production?

Yes! In addition to producing and distributing food products, ABR also provides beverage distribution services to customers around the world. Additionally, they are involved in import/export operations related to beverages as well as hospitality services including catering and event planning.

How can I find out more information about Atlantic Premium Brands Ltd.?

Additional information about Atlantic Premium Brands Ltd., such as updated news releases can be found on their official website at www.atlanticpremiumbrandsltd.com‎.

Final Words:
Atlantic Premium Brands limited is an international provider of premium quality food products to customers around the world with a wide range of offerings from traditional non-organic or non-natural items to unique gourmet meals and snacks from their headquarters based in Bermuda. With many divisions offering additional services such as beverage distribution and hospitality services like catering, guests are sure to find something for everyone! For more information about what Atlantic Premium Brands Limited has to offer please visit their official website at www.atlanticpremiumbrandsltd.com‎.

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