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The American Baldhead Roller Club (ABRC) is an organization devoted to the sport of roller skating, focusing on the art of artistic and freestyle roller skating. Established in 1983, this club has become a home for passionate and experienced skaters from across North America. The ABRC offers competitions, workshops, and community outreach programs to ensure its members are well equipped with the skills needed to be successful in the world of roller skating. With a simple mission statement of fun, safety, and skill development for all ages, the ABRC strives to provide top-notch resources and opportunities for its members to take their skills to new heights!


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ABRC mostly used in an acronym Clubs in Category Community that means American Baldhead Roller Club

Shorthand: ABRC,
Full Form: American Baldhead Roller Club

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The mission of ABRC is to create an inclusive atmosphere where all individuals can grow their skills in both artistic and freestyle roller skating. With a focus on fun, safety, and skill development for all ages, the club strives to promote physical health through creativity while impressing confidence in members that they can succeed regardless of their ability level or background. From beginner-level classes to competitive regional tournaments, the ABRC works hard to provide their members with the necessary tools they need for success.

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What is the American Baldhead Roller Club?

The American Baldhead Roller Club (ABRC) is a professional roller derby league that was founded in 1996 out of Los Angeles, California. ABRC is the premier flat-track roller derby organization, hosting over 70 teams and 4 divisions across the United States.

What are the divisions within the American Baldhead Roller Club?

ABRC has four distinct divisions including Super Bout (Elite), Pro Circuit (Bimonthly), Upstart (Monthly) and Iron Maiden (Amateur). Each division specializes in offering competitive and recreational events for experienced and rookie skaters alike.

Who can join the American Baldhead Roller Club?

The ABRC is open to all skaters of any gender, skill level, and age. All applicants must be 18 years or older, have basic skating ability, attend sanctioned practices and pass an ABRC evaluation before they can compete in events hosted by the club.

How do I sign up to join the American Baldhead Roller Club?

To join ABRC, you must first fill out an application online at abrcskaterportal.com. Once your application is accepted, you will need to submit photos, proof of insurance documentation as well as current medical forms prior to attending any training sessions with coaches or teammates.

Does joining American Baldhead Roller Club cost money?

Yes! There is a one-time registration fee ranging from $45-85 depending on your individual needs and other expenses such as team uniform rental or track rental may also apply depending on which group you choose to skate with.

Where can I find out more information about American Baldhead Roller Club?

For more information about ABRC including upcoming events, news or to contact us directly please visit our official website at www.abrcskaterportal.com

Are there rules or regulations regarding safety equipment when joining ABRC?

Yes! All skaters must wear helmets during bouts/practice sessions; wrist guards and knee pads are recommended but not required during bouts/practice sessions; elbow pads are required for anyone under 18 years of age; mouthguards/mouthguard covers are recommended but not required except for those under 18 years old who must wear them during bouts/practice session. All protective gear must meet WFTDA Standards for safety (www.wftda.com/safety).

Final Words:
The American Baldhead Roller Club is an amazing organization dedicated to providing education, support and encouragement for those who have taken up roller skating as a hobby or competitive sport. In doing so, it also provides an inclusive atmosphere where everyone is welcomed regardless of age or skill level. Through its commitment to fun, safety and skill development for everyone involved with the sport of roller skating; it's easy to see why joining an ABRC club could be so beneficial!


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