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The American Bee Research Conference or ABRC is a biennial event for bee researchers and beekeeping professionals. It brings together experts from the United States and around the world to discuss their latest findings in bee research and honey production. The conference has been hosted by the American Beekeeping Federation since 1997.


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ABRC mostly used in an acronym Research in Category Academic & Science that means American Bee Research Conference

Shorthand: ABRC,
Full Form: American Bee Research Conference

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What is ABRC?

ABRC stands for “American Bee Research Conference”, which is a biennial event for bee researchers and beekeeping professionals.

Who hosts the ABRC?

The American Beekeeping Federation has been hosting the ABRC since 1997.

When does the ABRC take place?

The American Bee Research Conference takes place every two years.

Where is the ABRC held?

The location of each year's American Bee Research Conference varies. Usually it takes place in cities all around America, such as New York City, San Francisco, and even Miami!

What kind of topics are discussed at the ABRC?

At the American Bee Research Conference researchers and professionals discuss their latest findings in regards to bee research, honey production, and other topics related to bees and their environment.

Final Words:
The American Bee Research Conference provides an important forum for exchanging ideas and sharing new discoveries about bees and honey production among professional beekeepers and researchers from around the world. Every two years it gives them an opportunity to meet up, learn from each other, come up with new ideas, exchange advice on how to care for bees, discuss research topics about pollinators, and much more!


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