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The Arkansas Bird Records Committee (ABRC) is a volunteer-based organization devoted to monitoring and documenting the population of bird species in the natural environment of Arkansas. The ABRC works with bird enthusiasts, conservationists and other organizations to report rare birds seen in the state, identify their distribution patterns, and collect data on their habitat.


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ABRC mostly used in an acronym Committees in Category Community that means Arkansas Bird Records Committee

Shorthand: ABRC,
Full Form: Arkansas Bird Records Committee

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What is the purpose of the ABRC?

The purpose of the ABRC is to monitor and document bird populations in Arkansas and report any rare birds sighted.

Who makes up the ABRC?

The ABRC consists of volunteer bird enthusiasts, conservationists and other organizations.

What type of data does the ABRC collect?

The ABRC collects data on bird distribution patterns as well as their habitats.

How often does the ABRC meet?

The frequency of meetings varies depending on need but usually happens several times throughout the year.

How can I get involved with the ABRC?

If you are interested in getting involved with the ABRC, you can contact them via email or telephone to get more information about how you can help.

Final Words:
By monitoring and documenting bird populations across Arkansas, the Arkansas Bird Records Committee provides valuable insight into what species thrive in our area as well as how we can better protect them. Get involved today!


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