The Architectural Association Diploma or AA DIP is an advanced diploma program that is jointly offered by the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) and Plymouth College of Art (PCA). The AA DIP program provides a rigorous experience for students who are committed to deepening their knowledge of architecture, urbanism, and design. As a two-year degree program, the AA DIP allows students to gain special insights and skills related to architectural practice as well as an understanding of complex urban conditions. This combination of knowledge and skill can be useful in many professional contexts within the fields of architecture, urbanism, and design.


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When looking at the acronym AA DIP, it stands for the Architectural Association Diploma. This diploma requires the student to complete a two-year coursework that merges comprehensive studies in architecture, urbanism, and design. In this coursework experience, individuals gain specialized insights in elements like civil engineering principles as well as an ample overview in construction methods and technology used for architectural projects. Combining theoretical study with practical implementations from experienced architects provides students a unique understanding of architecture’s underlying foundations while also exploring creative boundaries within their own designs.

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What is an AA DIP?

The Architectural Association Diploma (AA DIP) is a professional education course designed to equip graduates with the academic knowledge, practical skills and understanding needed to practice architecture. This two-year diploma covers both theoretical and practical aspects of architecture, such as history, theory, structure, technology and representation in addition to professional design projects.

What qualifications do I need for admission to the AA DIP?

Admission criteria for the AA DIP varies based on your prior qualifications and experience. Generally speaking, you will need an undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification in architecture from a recognized institution. You may be considered for admission if you don’t have this qualification but have relevant industry experience.

What is the structure of the AA DIP?

The course consists of four core components: history & theory, professional design projects, workshops & seminars and technical studies. Depending on your individual progress and interests you may also be eligible to take additional programs such as elective courses or research projects.

How long does it take to complete the AA DIP?

The full duration of the AA DIP program is typically two years. Courses are offered part-time over three semesters per year so it can be completed more quickly depending on your availability and commitment level.

Will I get any certification upon completion of the AA DIP?

Yes! Upon successful completion of all coursework you will receive a Certificate in Advanced Architectural Studies from the Architectural Association (AA). This certificate allows you to work professionally as an architect in most parts of the world.

What career opportunities are available after completing the AA DIP?

When you have achieved this level of expertise in architectural studies, you may choose to pursue careers such as project architect roles within large firms or set up a smaller practice where your individual creativity thrives. Additionally there are many opportunities available within interdisciplinary organisations such as urban designers or conservationists.

How much does it cost to enroll in an AA DIP program?

Tuition fees vary depending on your chosen curriculum track and geographical location. However, expect tuition fees between £20k - £30k (~$25k - $38k USD) for European students for two year's tuition at an accredited European institution.

Final Words:
In conclusion, the AA DIP diploma program is a highly comprehensive course focused on building adeptness in three disciplines: architecture, urbanism, and design. Through its application-based approach to learning via established methods such as case studies and detailed research reports, students gain valuable insight into these core fields while also developing their own creative sensibilities within them simultaneously. For those interested in pursuing any type of career involving these areas of expertise–whether it be residential or commercial structural engineering–the AA DIP diploma can offer an invaluable advantage when competing for coveted industry positions or internships upon graduation.


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