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BGB stands for Barcelona Guide Bureau, a service provided to the citizens of the city of Barcelona to help them discover and explore the city. The BGB is an organization that provides professional guides who are knowledgeable and certified in different areas and can assist visitors in their exploration of the city. BGB assists people with researching and finding local attractions, activities, tours, eateries, shopping districts and more. With their expertise they provide travelers with the insight they need to get the most out of their time in this amazing city.


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BGB mostly used in an acronym Bureaus in Category Governmental that means Barcelona Guide Bureau

Shorthand: BGB,
Full Form: Barcelona Guide Bureau

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What is BGB?

The Barcelona Guide Bureau (BGB) is a professional tourism company which offers curated experiences through certified guides. They specialize in providing personalized guidance for everything from sightseeing tours to cultural explorations and nightlife excursions throughout Spain’s second largest city. Their services include tour packages that focus on specific interests as well as helping individuals plan custom visits based on their particular desires. All their packages are designed to meet convenience needs as well as budget limitations—so travelers looking for luxurious experiences or cheap ones alike can find something suited precisely to them.

Why Use BGB?

Tourists visiting Barcelona often find themselves overwhelmed with its sheer number of attractions – all competing for attention. This can make it difficult for newcomers to navigate and get a better understanding of what they should experience themselves without missing out on something special or unique. That’s where BGB comes in. Instead of going it alone, travelers can trust the agency’s knowledge and experience when it comes to discovering hidden gems around Barceloneta or uncovering tapas secrets within La Rambla district.

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What services does Barcelona Guide Bureau Offer?

Barcelona Guide Bureau offers both guided and self-guided city tours, private tours, day trips, luxury experiences and cultural activities. We also offer personalized itinerary planning services for groups and individuals.

What languages do you provide tour guides in?

Barcelona Guide Bureau provides tour guides in a multitude of languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. All our experienced tour guides are highly knowledgeable about the local culture and history; they will provide the most comprehensive experience possible.

What is included in your self-guided city tours?

Our self-guided city tours include detailed maps with all the sights you can explore on your own as well as an audio guide with additional information about each point of interest. We also provide visitors with interesting facts and stories related to each location so they can truly enjoy their time exploring Barcelona.

How long is the duration of one of your Luxury Experiences?

Depending on what package you choose our Luxury Experiences can range from half a day up to four days. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that your visit is personalised according to your desired length of stay and budget.

Are reservations required for any of your tours or activities?

Reservations are recommended for all our tours and activities due to high demand during peak season times such as Easter, Christmas or summer holidays. Please contact our customer service team for more information or to make a reservation via email or phone call.

Where do I pick up my tickets for a private tour?

Tickets for private tours can be picked up at our main office located at Carrer de la Mare de Déu del Pou 15-17 08003 Barcelona. Please note that prior reservation is required before collection as tickets will not be available without an advance booking confirmation from one of our team members.

Do I have to pay extra fees upon arrival?

Yes, there may be additional fees charged upon arrival depending on the type of tour you take or activity you book. These fees typically include entrance fees if applicable or the cost of transportation if necessary (bike rental fees etc). Please check out terms and conditions page prior to making a booking for more details about these additional charges that may occur during the course of your time with us.

What safety measures are taken when joining one of your group activities?

At Barcelona Guide Bureau we take pride in providing our customers with safe yet exciting experiences that comply with all standards set by governing authorities related to COVID 19 health regulations. All participants must follow social distancing guidelines while engaging in any group activity led by one of our experienced guides.

Final Words:
Barcelona Guide Bureau has become an invaluable resource for both tourists looking for guidance throughout their journey in this beautiful city – but also locals wanting to explore beyond familiar places. With its experienced guides, customer-oriented services and competitive prices, BGB is by far an excellent choice if you want to have a truly amazing trip!

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