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White Phosphorous (WP) is a chemical compound used in military applications. It is an incendiary weapon that has been used in many armed conflicts around the world


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WP mostly used in an acronym Research in Category Academic & Science that means White Phosphorous

Shorthand: WP,
Full Form: White Phosphorous

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What is White Phosphorous?

White Phosphorous is a chemical compound which is often used as an incendiary weapon in various military applications

How does WP ignite?

WP ignites when exposed to air and continues to burn until it has no more oxygen or fuel available to it

Who uses WP?

WP can be used by both government and non-government actors, such as rebel or terrorist groups, in armed conflicts around the world

Is WP considered a chemical weapon?

Depending on how it is employed, WP may be considered a chemical weapon under the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993

Are there any medical consequences associated with exposure to WP?

Yes, inhalation of white phosphorous fumes can cause severe lung damage and other health problems

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