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AAA stands for Adult Album Alternative, a music format that is specially tailored to listeners aged 25 and higher. With its range of genres from rock and folk to soul and electronic, AAA provides an eclectic selection of programming options for those looking for something a little different from the top 40. Whether you’re a fan of new music or rediscovering old classics, Adult Album Alternative offers something for everyone.


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Adult Album Alternative (AAA) is defined as a radio format geared toward adults aged 25 and up. The name reflects the age bracket it targets; adult album alternatives are usually differentiated from what’s played on pop and contemporary music stations. This includes everything from rock, folk, blues, soul, jazz, world music, hip-hop and indie rock. Artists that may be featured in this format include David Bowie, Neil Young, James Taylor and Bob Dylan – but they don’t have to be classic in order to qualify as “adult album alternative” either; recent artists like Adele, Amy Winehouse and Jack White count too.


Adult Album Alternative first originated in the early 1980s when record labels realized there was an untapped market for older audiences who had been largely ignored by conventional Top 40 radio stations. As the format grew in popularity over time with more stations adopting it as their main musical focus, AAA has become one of the most popular radio formats among adults today. In addition to providing timeless tunes from years gone by while highlighting modern indie acts at the same time, many people enjoy AAA simply because its mature tone appeals to their sensibilities much better than the juvenile themes found on other pop-oriented stations.


AAA radio provides its listeners with a variety of perks beyond just hearing interesting audio diversity; it also appeals to those who feel alienated by more mainstream mediums due to its lower volume limit and lack of explicit lyrics in songs being aired on airwaves during daytime hours – perfect for family-friendly listening! Other benefits include no repetition of songs within one hour so frequently heard tracks don't get overplayed quickly (allowing lesser known artists some exposure too). Finally AAA can also provide localised news stories concerning relevant topics like social issues facing communities right now which helps keep people informed about current events around them - especially important if they don't have access to other types information sources such as newspapers or online portals etc.

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What is Adult Album Alternative?

Adult Album Alternative (AAA) is a genre of music that was created to appeal to listeners over the age of 25. This type of music typically includes rock, alternative, folk, and modern adult contemporary. AAA songs are often characterized by meaningful lyrics and acoustic instrumentation.

Where did Adult Album Alternative originate?

The term “Adult Album Alternative” was first used in 1984 by American radio programmers to describe the growing category of mainstream rock and alternative songs that they were playing on the airwaves. The format grew in popularity over the years as more and more artists began releasing albums in this soft-rock style.

How popular is Adult Album Alternative?

AAA has grown significantly since its origins in 1984. According to Mediabase, an analytics firm specializing in music radio, the AAA format now has over 800 stations broadcasting across North America, with a weekly audience reaching over 17 million active listeners.

Who are some well-known Adult Album Alternative artists?

Some well-known Adult Album Alternative artists include Coldplay, U2, Foo Fighters, John Mayer, Mumford & Sons, Gotye, Adele, Kings Of Leon, The Lumineers, Jack Johnson and Ed Sheeran among many others.

How can I find out what songs are played on an Adult Album Alternative radio station?

You can use websites like Mediabase or Radio Airplay to view lists of current songs being played on AAA radio stations from around the country. It’s also possible to listen live online through services such as TuneIn and iHeartRadio which offer access to live streaming stations around the world.

Is there a difference between Adult Contemporary and Adult Album Alternative?

Yes - while both formats have similar themes featuring softer songs intended for mature audiences; AAA leans more towards rock and alternative genres whereas adult contemporary tends to lean towards lighter pop tracks. Also ACA doesn't feature nearly as much rap or hip-hop as ADA does.

Does the music selection for each station vary from region to region?

Yes - Depending on location certain stations may specialize in certain subgenres or focus more heavily on local indie music scenes within their area. Additionally some stations will have similar playlists but different hosts who change up their programming to reflect their personal interests or preferences.

When did "adult album alternative" enter popular usage?

The term "Adult Album Alternative" was first used by American radio programmers when describing music that was being increasingly broadcasted on airwaves by 1984.

Final Words:
Adult Album Alternative (AAA) is an increasingly popular radio format that caters specifically to adults aged 25+ who may be put off by Top 40 radio's juvenile themes or limited musical scope. By playing a range of genres from rock and folk to soul and electronic while remaining mindful of explicit lyrics during daylight hours - all without skimping on relevance with local news stories - AAA provides a unique mix that appeals both emotionally and intellectually. Whether you’re discovering new favorites or revisiting old classics - you're sure to find something that suits your tastes perfectly!

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