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AAA is an abbreviation that stands for Anthony's Adoption Agency, a business specializing in providing adoption services. Originally founded by Anthony Gomez in 2001, the agency has been helping people from all backgrounds find loving homes and expand their families through the adoptions of children. Since its inception, AAA has worked hard to provide high quality services and make sure each adopted child is provided with the best possible care.


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AAA mostly used in an acronym Companies & Firms in Category Business that means Anthony's Adoption Agency

Shorthand: AAA,
Full Form: Anthony's Adoption Agency

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Services Offered

At AAA, potential adoptive parents can find information about different state requirements and laws as well as resources for embarking on the adoption process. In addition, they provide counseling services to help prospective parents prepare for adoption as well as post-adoption assistance plus referral services if needed. Furthermore, the agency provides advocacy and support throughout the entire process – from applying for adoption to adjusting to life after adding a new member to your family.

Adoption Outreach

AAA also works with communities around the world in order to facilitate international adoptions. This includes working with partner agencies abroad so that adoptive parents can understand any applicable rules, regulations or cultural considerations that might be necessary when looking for potential adoptees from other countries. Through this effort, AAA hopes to create an environment where everyone involved will be able to reap the benefits of building stronger families together regardless of their location or background.

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What qualifies me to adopt a pet through Anthony's Adoption Agency?

To be eligible to adopt a pet through Anthony's Adoption Agency, applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and have the financial means and resources to provide the necessary care for a pet. Additionally, applicants must live within our service area and pass a background check.

What type of pets do you count as part of your adoption agency?

The type of pets that are available for adoption through Anthony's Adoption Agency is primarily cats and dogs. We occasionally also have other small animals and some horses up for adoption as well.

How do I apply to adopt from Anthony’s Adoption Agency?

To apply to adopt from Anthony’s Adoption Agency you can either fill out an online application or visit our office to submit a paper version. Whether submitting online or in person, make sure to include any relevant information about your home set-up, current pets in the home if applicable, and your lifestyle.

Is there an adoption fee associated with adopting pets through AAA?

Yes, there is an adoption fee associated with adopting a pet through Anthony's Adoption Agency that helps cover medical fees for spaying/neutering, vaccine costs, microchips etc. All fees vary depending on the pet you choose but they will be discussed during the interview process prior to adoption being finalized.

Will I be able to take my adopted pet home right away?

You will not be able to take your adopted pet home right away; there is typically a period where the animal has the opportunity to adjust from shelter life into its new environment before it is officially placed in its forever home. During this time we may offer foster homes or boarding services until the animal is ready for full time placement with their adoptive family.

Do AAA rescue animals received any kind of medical treatment prior being put up for adoption?

Absolutely! All of our rescue animals receive comprehensive biological screening exams prior being placed up for adoption as well as companion animal wellness plans that cover place vaccinations, deworming treatments and flea prevention products if needed

Final Words:
Overall, Anthony’s Adoption Agency (AAA) has been providing top-notch service since 2001 and remains dedicated to helping people explore their options when it comes to expanding their families through adoption. Their commitment towards helping couples navigate through the complexities of adoption in order to start families is commendable and makes them one of today's top adoption agencies for those seeking a loving home for a child.

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